At the Scent of Water ~ You Are About to Live Again!


Many of you have been through a severe season of pruning.  God has had you in a painful process of crushing and stripping.

He’s been cutting off every branch that wasn’t producing fruit; some of which you had no idea were becoming fruitless, but they were.  For many of you, this has meant a massive shift in your life that to you felt more like total destruction!


What if God is up to something so amazing and powerful, you just couldn’t see it yet?

Many of you have been in a personal Gethsemane.  You’ve cried out to God, “If it’s possible, please take this from me, but nonetheless, not my will, but yours be done God.”

Sometimes we forget that as we grow into our identities as His son or daughter, that we will go through many of the things Jesus did, in our way, because we are being made into His image; a full expression, a right reflection!

These times are painful.  Every time I have come out of one and I’m standing on the other side, He reminds me of the “yes” I gave Him long ago.

I said, “Yes” to the process of Him being formed in me.  With that has come massive betrayals, rejections, character assassinations, and more, but it’s never anything Jesus Himself hasn’t endured!

With this process has also come, death to self.

Many of you are going through this very thing and I hear Him saying to you, “Beloved I was betrayed.  I was rejected.  I was wounded.  I was crushed.

I became a man of no reputation.  I lived and breathed to do My Father’s will.

Christ be formed in you.  You’re a change agent.  You are a carrier of My fire and My glory.  THIS IS NOT the end of your story!”

What has looked to you like things completely FALLING APART, was actually the hand of God causing everything to FALL TOGETHER!

When a tree is cut down, it looks like it’s all over for that tree stump.  What good could come of it now, right?

Many of you feel like you’ve been chopped at the knees.  You have fought epic battles of hopelessness and despair.  You feel like you’ve been left standing all alone.

Your life has every appearance of looking like it’s over and done.  You feel there’s no way your dreams are ever going to come to pass.

You don’t know how to trust again, to live again, to hope again, to get up again, and you don’t even know if you want to.  But it’s not over!

You need to look again!  Even when a tree gets cut down, it can sprout again!  It can grow new branches!

I never gave this much thought until I watched my neighbor do this to a tree once.  A tree in their front yard was chopped down to literally almost nothing! It sat right in their front yard, alongside the road, for all the world to see, and it looked as if it had been destroyed.

Only enough of that tree remained to remind you that something used to be there that was once so full of life.  Now, nothing remained but the stump and the roots of this old tree that had gone down deep into the earth.

That tree stump looked dead.  Deader than dead!  But one day, I noticed something.  That tree that had been brought low, reduced to nothing and forgotten, was now sprouting new green buds!

Out of a tree stump that once looked like it’s best days were over, came new sprouts!  New branches were growing!  This tree was being reborn! New life was forming!

It wasn’t going to look the same, but it was going to live again!

Job 14:7-9 says, “Even a tree has more hope!  If it is cut down, it will sprout again and grow new branches.  Though its roots have grown old in the earth and its stump decays, at the scent of water it will bud again and sprout again like a new seedling.”

At the scent of water, this tree began to come back to life.  It began to pull nutrients from the soil.

With every drop of rain that tree was starting to come back to life.  The roots, that still remained deep in the soil, had grown even further towards the scent of water.

That water represents the Holy Spirit moving on your life.  He’s coming with rains of refreshing and it’s going to awaken those seemingly dead places on the inside of you.

Your roots, they are still deep, and they are picking up on the scent of water and moving towards it!

The Holy Spirit is raining over your life today.  At the scent of water, you are coming back to life!

You are growing new and healthy branches that will produce much fruit!

All that hurt, the pain, the suffering, the rejection you have faced as you stood in the front yard along the road for all the world to see, reduced to nothing, is about to bring God SO MUCH GLORY!

You are on your way out of the wilderness.  You are coming up from the ashes, the decay, the rot, as a living epistle of His glory!


With love and hope,
~ Brian & Julie Price

Brian & Julie PriceBrian and Julie Price are prophetic warriors for the Kingdom of God with hearts burning for purity in the prophetic, a longing to see the captives set free, and a generation rise; equipped, empowered, and encouraged to walk as sons and daughters of God!
They are prophetic seers/ intercessors, with testimonies of hope and healing in their own lives from various forms of abuse and hurts, pain and mistakes, tragedy and betrayals, they’ve been forged in the fire and come forth gold for the glory of the Kingdom!
Together, Brian and Julie have a background in inner healing, deliverance and public speaking, having served in numerous ways in ministry for many years; equipping them to see people set free and launched into their destinies!
From Morgantown, WV, Brian and Julie reside with their precious son Cole, where they actively serve in their home church, Covenant Church, in Fairmont, WV.
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At the Scent of Water ~ You Are About to Live Again! — 8 Comments

  1. When a man has lost all hope and been defeated by the enemy, it doesn’t matter what comes next. All the good things cannot erase the pain and suffering. Unfortunately bad things happen and no matter how we try to rationalize it, it doesn’t change that some people will be lost, because hey can no longer stand or want to stand.

    • Hi Douglas. I know what you mean about unable or wanting to stand. BUT Jesus has kept me.Im honest with Him and i pull no punches.Again He listens and doesnt condemn. It only when are honest with Him about our feelings can we grow. Hope this doesnt sound trite but i will be praying for you.

    • I have a friends who was saved as a child and on fire for God into adulthood but now has totally abandoned any belief in God. He believes everything he hears online that debunks Bible Jesus and God.  He has been deceived and now makes fun Christians all day long on Facebook. I know a lot people say once saved always saved but obviously people leave the faith. My question is can even at the level he is at come back to God. I wake up crying and praying for his soul. He could be a Paul. I feel as though there has to be something that triggered his walking away from God. He has so many wonderful qualities he is smart talented. He is living in parents home and just online all day. He cuts anyone off that could possibly help. He had major anger towards Christianity.

  2. I really like this article because I’ve been through this process too and I have written a book called “It’s Supposed to Kill You” which I can send as Ebook if you want it.

  3. Thank you for your message. not many in the church want to go through what it takes to walk as Jesus walked, this means death to self. It has been heard but no matter what I will still sever my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

  4. Thank you for sharing the word of the Lord it was very encouraging. I have gone through the crucible for over 7 years.Our Lord has saved me from losing my left leg but struggling with despair hopelessness.Dealing with diabetic and high blood pressure symptoms My left eye is blind and my right eye has a cataract. I lost my career because of my eyesight Unable to work. Couldnt trust Jesus or His promises. I was angry with Him. All i could do was throw myself on His mercy and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for me because i couldnt love Him. Things are getting better So thank you for posting the word of the Lord God bless.Peter.

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