Authentic Repentance


More relevant than ever! OH MY MY MY!!  Life can be tough folks!

Gratitude and humility are in short supply these days, and many are getting weary and worn out in “well doing” due to that attitude that is rapidly seeping into our society called “ingratitude”.

Yes… Lots of folks have “soured” their lives (and the lives of those around them) with the opposite of gratitude.

They carry on with a sense of entitlement as to how “they” think your lives, your close relationships, your work, your children and your resources should be utilized!

One of the most condescending and cruel statements I often hear these days from either entitled individuals or those who haven’t really TRULY sacrificed much, when others experience financial losses, property damages from bad storms or have health difficulties and limited insurances, is this grievous and arrogant comment, “Wellllll! They SHOULD have planned better!  And now look at the mess they are in!  Tisk Tisk!”

Often they think they know what one must have to be grateful and happy.  And yet in contrast, many individuals also think we’re all owed a comfortable, easy life, especially because they think that they are exceptionally good people and are much more savvy than the “less intelligent” around them.  (Come on now! Y ou know this is really happening today!)

If things don’t go the way they think they should, they rebel, redefine God’s standards and safe plans for humans and then often live lives of depression, anger, and quiet (or not-so-quiet), desperation.

One way or another those who are self inflicted with “ingratitude” find ways to get mad -and stay mad.

Ideally, all people should have an overwhelming and never ending sense of gratitude for what Christ has done for us personally, and all mankind, on the Cross.

His generous offer to forgive of our mounds of sins and then to give us the gift of eternal life, should leave us breathless with thankfulness and praise no matter what our life’s circumstances.

A deep sense of entitlement basically says to God, “not Your Way, Father, but my way.  I know what’s best for me, so You’d better give it to me now, or make it up to me for what happened in the past.”

Rarely, (if ever) does it seem to occur to us that whatever difficulties have happened to us, it’s God’s way of drawing us into closer relationship to Him.

Our circumstances don’t mean of course that we don’t try to change them or work on bettering ourselves, and work for social justice.

But it does mean when difficult things take place in our lives, we need to look for deeper meanings as to “why” and return back to gratitude and understanding through a process of maturing, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Often as time passes, we can find the blessings in disguise for our losses and pain.

We shockingly realize that our despair turns us back to God and we actually experience an authentic and humble continuing relationship with Him.

Prayer of “Authentic” Repentance:

“LORD, You have provided for me both spiritually and materially.

Yet, I have failed to be thankful and to rejoice in your goodness.

I have ignored you and neglected to give you the praise that is due Your Name.

Forgive me for my ingratitude.

Give me eyes that see your hand at work in all areas of my life.

Enable me to realize that every good thing comes from You.

Father in heaven, deepen my gratitude so that I might serve and obey you with and undivided and truly humble heart.



In His Shadow,
~ Mary Lindow ©

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” THE MESSENGER ” ~ Mary Lindow

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