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Awaken To The Revelation Inside — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you by the Grace of God,
    Turn from my sleepwalking
    Awaken to His Light
    Shining brightly upon my heart
    And receive His Revelation
    Oh my soul, oh my soul be still…
    Open my eyes and see His Light!
    His Glory changes everything!

    Yes !Feel the Truth
    Turning my heart
    To the beat of His Love
    Forget the former things
    Gone are they like the wind
    Shake off the years of dust
    Stand tall in His Light
    Cause now His Revelation shines inside me!
    Oh Beauty
    Oh Love
    Such Goodness belongs to Him!
    Oh Righteousness
    Oh Justice
    Such Holiness belongs to Him!
    His Glory changes everything!

    Oh bless your soul, by the Grace of God,

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