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Be a Miracle Believer! — 1 Comment

  1. Praise God! All Glory be to the Only Divine God! I extend my hands in total Praise and my mouth verbal Praises unto the Lord Jesus! I truly embrace this message and Word from the Lord, knowing it definitely applies to my situations and circumstances in which I am currently dealing with fight now.
    Thank you, Jesus!️❤️ I thank the Lord for “all things”, believing, trusting him in faith, no matter who has abandoned me, doubts my faith in those things impossible to man or woman, but never to difficult a need for Jesus to meet.

    Thank you, Sister Reinke, much appreciating you service unto the Lord for posting those spoken words in which he lays on your heart, instructing you to share.❤️ It has been a lonely, challenging and firm travel on this journey, but my heart, soul, mind and body belongs to Jesus, who I trust in faith to do and perform the only divine miracles, that can be done only by his Holy and Anointed Hands. Glory be to God!
    God bless you, sister Reinke! May the Lord continue to do the miraculous, the powerful and divine acts through you, as a humble, meek servant, you are definitely admired for your submission to the Lord.

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