Be in the WAR-Ship!  WORSHIP Him!


Be in the WAR-Ship!  WORSHIP Him!

These are our STRATEGIES of war:

  • Praying in the name of Jesus,
  • Praising God,
  • Lifting High the name of Jesus,
  • Securing our inheritance by the Blood of the Lamb and
  • The word of our testimony in Him!

We have been issued ARMOR for war:

  • The belt of Truth,
  • The breastplate of Righteousness,
  • The shoes of readiness in Peace,
  • The shield of Faith,
  • The helmet of Salvation and,
  • The sword of the Spirit

– ALL issued to us to USE!

Some of us are sitting around with rusty armor, living off our past experiences in the Spirit.

Some may have never learned how to take up and apply the armor, piece by piece.

Enough waiting!  No more excuses!  It’s the end of complacency!

It is time the church stopped walking around in silence, carrying a victim mentality, looking defeated from every angle, as though we have no hope!

We are carriers of the EXPLOSIVE POWER of Holy Spirit living in us.

We have every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus, every spiritual weapon from the Lord, and every strategy, as our victory has been secured in Him.

But we are still on this earth and there is still much more to walk through.

How will you walk?  We must choose.

What do you choose today?

In Him, we are a force to be reckoned with —  Watch out!

He’s getting ready to BLOW your mind and take back His church!

He’s returning as the Conquering King!

Are you ready for active duty in this Army of God?


With Love and Belief,
~ Jill Steele

Jill SteeleJill Steele.   Truly, it’s not ‘About Me’, but has always been about Him.  I am a grateful, willing vessel, broken to be used.
My passion comes alive in writing, offering encouragement, sharing perspective on life, and pointing others in the direction of the Heavenly Father.
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