Take The Key!


These are times that are different than any others.

Times when we will always possess keys, and then there is a time when the Father will lay a key (keys) upon our shoulder, representing a whole new place in the realm of spiritual understanding and authority.

When that happens, take the key!

Let’s keep our faces before Him and use it wisely, at the time appointed.

Times and seasons will further reveal deeper truths into that new place in Him.

“Then I will set on his shoulder the key of the house of David; when he opens no one will shut.  When he shuts, no one will open,”   Isaiah 22:22 AMP.

It is one thing to possess a key, but knowing when and how to utilize it, must come from the source which is HIM.

If we understand the keys of yesteryear we will understand them, when the time arrives.


~ Phyllis Ford

Link to Phyllis Ford's Ministry on FacebookProphet Phyllis Ford of Phyllis Ford Ministries is called by God’s grace as a prophet to the nations; now in ministry for 27 years.  With yearly and monthly Words, she and husband Apostle Miles release the Word of the LORD via their website.  Her ministry emphasizes the Watchman call and duty in governance, as she teaches prophetic schools of ministry, intercession and deliverance workshops and tours worldwide, speaking into the lives of ministry leaders, encouraging prayer, and releasing regional strategies.
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