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Be in the Will and Timing of God! — 1 Comment

  1. Hello.  I am glad you mentioned this.  I have a certain call on my life where I can only move out when the SPIRIT of the Lord is upon me to do so.  HE will then move me out.  However, I was in a church where I was lead to believe that I did no have to wait on the spontaneous move of the Holy Spirit and was accused of doing “my own thing” So as a result, because these were leaders, I did things their way, and rebelled against how God had called me to function.  I allowed the voice of man because of their title and position to make me feel that I was doing wrong.  Well. I got so convicted, I just stopped and chose to wait on God and as a result I was accused of being rebellious.  Truly, listening to them, I was operating in pride doing things their way and in their timing instead of walking in the humility of God!

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