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  1. This common theory is widespread. JESUS Himself was rejected and never was unable to love nonetheless. He just left pharisees and went on, went to other places. He came into His houses (His own) and they did not want Him. He had the right to go away after He experienced what He saw and heard. Today they would give Him all sort of psychological diagnoses. Be honest everybody: How many are still in the same places ? Did you all hurt people in churches and then left ? Did they all go to church for this reason ?
    It is a disease, how each and everyone is infected by playing doctor. Churches are already deep down poisoned by psycho doctrines. Everyone an ‘expert’ in analyzing or therapying his neighbour. These modern mass “deliverance” services, these altar calls where then one pushes rows of believers backwards and the ushers stand there to catch those “sick” and lay them down to the floor.
    In many churches is not 10 minutes basic Bible teaching any longer. Big worship bands sound like a rock concert. Do people really leave churches because they are all post traumatic ill ?
    NO ! Bible tells about the great falling away in the last days and a worse deception everywhere. The LORD JESUS CHRIST soon will pick up His remnant people. These are HIS words.
    * * * *
    PLEASE do not misinterpret my words in the 1st comment. I know, pastors have the hardest jobs. In every society love is now cold. Read again 2. Timothy 3. Churches are mirroring the fallen societies. When churches are watered down to emotional kindergartens, with no more power of the Holy Scriptures, then PLEASE, shepherds, stand up and preach like Billy Graham and David Wilkerson preached !

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