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BE PREPARED for Spiritual Attacks Against YOU! — 1 Comment

  1. I find it to be true as I ve been dreaming about things that I dont know where it comes from but I believe God is also training me to deal with this evil spirits. Ine dream I had two weeks ago…my husband and i was in a room and then i niticed that someone was opening the door from the other side but didnt step in …and also didnt open the door…just pushed the handle down and kept it there…so i went and took the door and opened it to see who is at the door…as i opened i saw only a shadow against the wall of the hall but immediately i kicked into the shadow while saying firmly kicking, “in the Name of Jesus” and i woke up. I also had a previous dream month and half ago where i saw moving cards on a floor..play cards miving by themselves…and i went on stood and step on them while affirming over and over that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses…the blood of Jesu Christ sets free etc etc etc over and over…until it would stop but i woke up again…i also had a bad dream this week that i just cut iff as i just couldnt agree with what was happening and i prayed God to cut it iff and forgive it. Amen.

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