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Be Ready To Give An Answer — 5 Comments

  1. Amen, so much of these words have been my unspoken thoughts lately. It feels comforting to read this testimony because this is how we overcome. Glory to God. As the old song says,”I pray we’ll all be ready for HIS return.

  2. Spot on brother! That’s the key to all that we do, having the guidance and leading of the Spirit in our lives. Where He is, there is freedom and liberty. Be at peace my brother cause He is there with you…let go and let God…shalom

  3. so true brother….I feel this right now the Lord says…..Stand still and know that I am God……stand still but in a realm of praise and worship and praying in tongues thus cleansing ourselves and keeping ourselves above the darkness and deception the world is surrounded in right now….as we do this we will be able to see and hear truth from lies….trusting our Lord who is in charge of all things…if our eyes go on what is happening in the world right now we tend to fear and allthru Gods word he tells us not to fear and only trust him….our departure is nigh….thank you for being so sincere

  4. Thank you for your words. Much of what you said mirror my own feelings at different times in the recent past. I do trust God with all of my heart. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that fact when I’m in that place of discouragement. I’ll continue to seek Him & listen to what He’s saying as I go to His Word. Amen!

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