Be still and know that I AM God

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Talk versus Action

Well, The Lord went on and did what He wanted to do.  The Word tonight was, ITS TIME TO CHANGE YOUR FRUIT!  The corruption of our lifestyle is prevalent in our lives and we refuse to submit to the deliverance process that causes us to come to that place of victory.

We say we are in the Body of Christ, but yet our actions display the attributes of the world.

The church needs to now go back to holiness.  We have put ourselves in a restricted place because we have limited the movement of God.  We have given the demons illegal access to our services by allowing these false prophets false apostles and deceitful preachers to preach and open demonic portals.  It’s time to shut those voices down and make way for the real voices.

A good tree can’t bear corrupt fruit and a corrupt tree can’t bear good fruit.  Whatever you are whatever is on the inside will be shown in your life. It’s time to be righteous and holy for real!

Ungodly control of husbands among Christian woman

One thing that has me seriously shaking my head, are women who demean, belittle, criticize and attempt to destroy their husband publicly.  There are far too many women with Jezebel spirits wanting a husband so they can control him.

They look for a man who struggles in his identity, or is not aggressive in standing up for himself.  These women are mostly in ministry, and have a masculine mannerism or a mixed identity about themselves.

I have not seen before, as I have in this hour, the multitude of women who have made up their minds to rule over men.  Trying to tell these women to honor their husbands, is worst than being among a pack of hungry wolves.

They will attempt to pounce upon you and tear you to shreds before they will honor the husband whom they cried to God to give them.  The magnitude of women who have left their creative nature and use men as smoke screens to hide their hatred and disgust for men is so widespread.

My question to them, is why would you want to destroy a person life and make them miserable, if you don’t want them?  Why play games with the Men of God?

Listen women, God will stand up for the men also!  There are men in the Body of Christ who are enduring abuse at the hands of their wives, but are too ashamed to let anybody know that they are in that type of relationship, because they don’t want to be mocked or made fun of.

These men are living in silent misery, because they would rather suffer then to have other men to know that they are being bullied by their wives.

Most of these men got deceived because instead of looking at character, they saw gifts and sometimes money, not knowing that this was a woman with undercurrent issues that she hid from his natural eye.

Just like the women, the men have to see beyond the outer exterior of the package and see the inner workings of the mind soul and spirit of who they are about to become one with.  A good body does not make a good woman!

God is trying to open the eyes of the men and women because our relationships in the Body of Christ are so dysfunctional.  Marriages are so out of order at home and we come to church with these happily married masks on instead of dealing with the root of the problems that are in our households.

We would rather put up a front than let somebody know that things are tore up and out of order.  Many times I don’t even have to use discernment to know a couple is going through their mannerism toward each other the way they interact tells a story you can see the sadness and depression of the marriage in their eyes and through their facial expressions as they look at their spouse.

No matter how they try to hide it you can see the unhappiness among them.  I’m praying seriously for the homes and marriages to line up in the creative order of God.  That people will take their marriage vows as more than entertainment and that the mandate of marriage is more than sexual pleasure and a loneliness antidote.

I’m praying for husbands and wives to get a true and full understanding of each other in every area and that we shall see the family together again as a unit striving to keep it all in the creative order of God.

Be still and know that I AM God

I keep hearing the Spirit of The Lord say, “Be still and know that I AM God.  I will protect you and bring you through the opposition.  There shall be an uproar in My Kingdom as I begin to reposition the people.”

The Lord is moving some out and bringing others in.  A remnant with a radical anointing is coming forth and they will challenge with a fire the religious system of rules that have kept the people in a false sense of spiritual security.

There is a sifting taking place where God is revealing the pure from the contaminated.  What can be shaken will be shaken in this hour.

People, prepare for many battles shall come against the Kingdom of God in this hour but those that have been spiritually prepared shall not be shaken by the powers of darkness.

New leadership is emerging and coming forth to point the people to holiness and righteousness to turn over the tables of the money changers and drive the wicked out the temples of God.  The sound of righteousness shall be heard by a remnant of people.  God is getting ready to do great things many unusual miracles shall occur in this hour.

I hear open doors are being placed before pure vessels the trumpet is sounding hear the word of The Lord prepare for war spiritually and naturally prepare women to travail for death shall increase it’s terror in the land but God has given us protection against our enemies.

Today praise God for He sends warning before destruction.  I feel the weight of God’s anointing right now He is answering prayer!

Warriors For Real Are On The Move!

Can I say this and then I will just go back into my quiet place.  It doesn’t matter to me how much holiness and righteousness you preach if you prophesy with accuracy, if you are more known than the president, if you say you have discernment and a relationship with God praying twelve hours a day, if you have a homosexual or lesbian armor bearer, nurse or assistant, you need to go sit down somewhere.

Let me just lay it down.  If they are practicing any kind of sin, period, then why are they allowed to serve you?

How come you are so clean, but you have a contaminated vessel, as your close associate working with you?

Now, “What’s wrong with the Holy Ghost?” you say.  You say that they are comfortable with serving you, but they not convicted of their lifestyle.  No matter what you say, action speaks louder than words.

We cannot allow these functional sinners who have no desire to live right, to have free courses of operation in the Body of Christ!  It says a lot about your character and walk with God when you allow and permit practicing sinners to hold key positions in the vision God has given you.  And please don’t say what they do is their business because what you let them do is God’s business and He will hold you accountable for it!

And can I say that there are some real people who can’t be brought, won’t back down, and refuse to compromise.  They don’t care if you like them or give them an offering, they are going to tell the truth, whether people like it or not!

Don’t get it twisted.  You can’t offer them anything for them to denied their God and agree with any sin.  Warriors For Real Are On The Move!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.


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  1. Thank you so much Apostle for these awesome words. You are such a blessing in my life. Blessings!