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Be Strong in The LORD — 2 Comments

  1. thank you Father for this word thru our sister June…..I woke up this morning feeling strange and down..something was amiss…turned on the TV to find the news so alarming…as the Holy Spirit has taought me thru his word He is the spirit of truth and his fruit is PEACE….the news on TV was certainly not peaceful…so as the spirit of truth proclaims we are witnessing a FALSE PICTURE in in the newstoday…..I do know this much….the dead in christ will rise…we will be changed and the Harvest will be won next…that is the Truth I received again this morning….Look up for your redemption is nigh……thank you again June for your uplifting word

  2. I am joyous reading this,am overwhelmed with gladness,my heart is woo’d every time when I am feeling somewhat upset for circumstances I see Infront of me thank you for this word Sister June

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