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Be Warned: The Deception About Generational Curses — 5 Comments

  1. As an African, we know a lot about generational curses & we dont take it lightly as they cause a lot of delays, sicknesses, limitations, deaths e.t.c to many families & even people in the body of Christ . To this, many keep moving from one Church to another seeking strong deliverance Minister/Pastor to set them free while others consult witch/ native doctors.
    The demons behind generational curses are very stubborn & can linger up to several generations of families. They would can only be subdued by stubbornly praying through the blood of Jesus Christ by the help of the Holy spirit to destroy them.
    Pardon me to share this. I know of a family that virtually all their late loved ones died through Road accident. Another family that I know is death of their females through child birth. Another is mental illnesses (Madness). I could go on & on.
    May God deliver as many in the blood of Christ that are bound by generational curses free in Jesus Christ name. Amen!

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