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Be Warned: The Deception About Generational Curses — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks Jacob! Yes, generational curses & ancestral curses are indeed real. Our African siblings know this, let’s also ask for wisdom & courage on this Urgent topic. See evidence in Mark Hemans & his website “Jesusencounterministries”; the Deliverance Podcast; Derek Prince, Val Wolff, SCOAN Thessalonika. Don’t let fear stop you.  Find Holy Spirit filled Christians (often Trinitarian Pentecostal/Full Gospel/Charismatic). If you allow demons to remain they gladly stay.  Do you have bad dreams? – eat in dreams? it’s sickness from demons, seeing snakes?  Demons also oppress believers. Our spirit is sealed with Holy Spirit, we also have soul & body, they look for openings, to steal, kill & destroy (John 10:10). We have power of the blood and the Name of Jesus, they are frightened of us! Jesus is our Healer & Deliverer (Jehovah Roffe) one of Jesus Hebrew Names.  During Deliverance a person may manifest but it’s worth it.  Like the woman with issue of blood?  Ready to take your life back?  Let’s make this our #1 endeavour, be a light for Jesus, others can be saved and also set free!  Amen!

  2. Honestly, I am quite confused about Generational curses.  After so many years of repeated patterns in my life and that’s of my other siblings without anyone able to help us, I found a video on YouTube from Robert Henderson on the subject. We have always used spiritual warfare which by the way many believe is an invention of modern pastors and nowhere to be found in the Bible.  For me, it is our last hope to be set free as a family but after reading so many articles saying that it is not true and even hearing one of the preachers, David Diga Hernandez, a man of God who according to me has a powerful anointing referring to it as a MYTH, my last resort is now that the Holy Spirit reveals to me why my family and I have been through the same battles and patterns for years.  David Hernandez says it is not about a curse but repentance.  So if I understand him, I have not repented and prayed enough during the last 30 years and that my current situation and patterns is nothing but that I have not been baptized and accepted Christ as the Lord and Savior of my life properly.  It is very confusing and discouraging.  Some people who are living the Grace and didn’t make so much effort to live a blessed life will of course agree with David Hernandez but when you have been battling and struggling for so many years, doing spiritual warfare, binding and pleading the blood, fasting and praying this sounds more like an insult.

  3. As an African, we know a lot about generational curses & we dont take it lightly as they cause a lot of delays, sicknesses, limitations, deaths e.t.c to many families & even people in the body of Christ . To this, many keep moving from one Church to another seeking strong deliverance Minister/Pastor to set them free while others consult witch/ native doctors.
    The demons behind generational curses are very stubborn & can linger up to several generations of families. They would can only be subdued by stubbornly praying through the blood of Jesus Christ by the help of the Holy spirit to destroy them.
    Pardon me to share this. I know of a family that virtually all their late loved ones died through Road accident. Another family that I know is death of their females through child birth. Another is mental illnesses (Madness). I could go on & on.
    May God deliver as many in the blood of Christ that are bound by generational curses free in Jesus Christ name. Amen!

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