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Being Able to Hear God’s Voice Clearly — 1 Comment

  1. When God speaks, one will not wonder “if” it is God or some other voice one hear. Because when He speaks it will always and immediately be followed with a deep divine insight and knowledge, which is “downloaded” in the mind in a nanosecond.
    It will also always give the believer a stronger faith and a deep feeling of thankfulness. (I would say that lack of a supernatural deep feeling of thankfullness in the believer is a testimony of that it is not God who is speaking, Jesus gave thanks to the Father all the time)
    And, it will always open up some understanding of things in the Bible which is not available without God’s revelation of His own Word because God is always treaching us something which will give us a greater understanding and trust in His Word. 

    Dreams from God is the same thing and therefore will one never feel a need of to ask someone else for interpretation of a dream from God.

    He decides when or if He will speak and the only thing one can do is to obey and dwell in the last commandment one heard from Him.

    “He (alone) uncovereth the ear of men Job 33:16

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