Being an Effective Women of God!

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A Move of the Holy Spirit

There were times I witnessed a move of the Holy Spirit and would notice the power of God come on some persons so strongly, that they would fall out under the presence of God.

I would often wonder why I never fall out under the presence of God or experienced the supernatural, and if something was wrong with me.

I have now gotten the understanding that a move of God is not necessarily based on our need to feel or experience Him at that particular moment, but it is for a particular purpose and timing.

God has different ways and time He manifests Himself.

The way He chooses to manifest to one will not necessarily be the same way He manifest Himself to another.

You may experience the power of God while under the anointing of a man or woman of God while another may experience the power of God while seeking and pursuing Him on their own.

Understand that sometimes God will not allow you to receive something he has for you from another but will meet with you directly because the weight of what He has for you is new, unique and tailor made to fit and suit you.

Your responsibility is to always be positioned and ready for the Holy Spirit to move at anytime and anywhere.

God will show up when He needs to because the power He is releasing is purposed to accomplish and do something in the earth.

Wisdom & Bible Knowledge

It so very important that we have a clear meaning and understanding of the words being used in the Bible and the context in which it is being used.

Sometimes misunderstanding one word can throw you off, and thereby prevent you from grasping the meaning of an entire sentence or verse.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fight!

You will never know what you are able to conqueror and overcome if you are unwilling and afraid to fight.

The enemy gets pleasure and joy in seeing you remain on the sidelines afraid, wounded and bound.

I want to encourage you to get up from that place of despair and defeat.  Be encouraged.

Can I tell you?  The enemy is actually afraid you will ever discover the truth that there is someone greater and bigger than he is.

You see the enemy likes self-pity and helplessness because he gains strength from seeing others weak and helpless.

The enemy cannot stop or hinder a man or woman surrendered and committed to the LORD.

Understand, the enemy can do nothing to a man or a woman who refuses to quit or give up.

I want to ask you, what and who is preventing you from fighting and standing?

How do you see yourself?

Is it through the eyes of God or the eyes of the devil?

If it is through the eyes of God, you will be strengthened and inspired to rise up but if is through the eyes of the enemy you will always see failure, discouragement and frustration.

Gideon felt defeated, but what he felt was not true.  Sometimes how you feel may not be what is true.

Your feelings can deceive you.  This is why you cannot always depend on how you feel.

What Gideon saw in himself was not what God saw.  The LORD saw Him as a mighty man of valor.  Someone who seemed so little, God chose to use so mightily.

You see God will use the foolish things to confound the wise. He will choose the weak to put to shame the strong, (1 Corinthians 1:27-28).

When you get the revelation of who you are in Christ Jesus everything changes.

You may feel like you are nothing or feel like you cannot do it but I am here to reassure you that with the help of Christ you can do all things.

Rest in God; choose to believe the report of the LORD.

Allow Him to teach and reveal to you who you really are in Him.

Being an Effective Women of God!

Effective women are very powerful.

Women were are built to naturally see what the men may miss.

They have eyes to see the things that men tend to overlook or by pass.

They will call it what it is and not be afraid.

They can be very sharp shooters.  Women are naturally and spiritually life givers.

They were specifically designed to carry and birth.

The enemy fights women especially those who are purposed by God, because if he can distract or remove the women, he can have a field play.

The enemy will attack the development and progress of women because he is threatened by their success and effectiveness in the kingdom of God.

When God ordains a union, there is no limit to what the LORD will use them to do.

The enemy attacks God ordained unions and covenants, because of they are a very powerful force in the earth.

He will often try to cause separation, divorce, chaos and disunity because of the need to try to get between the two.

My encouragement to young women of God especially who are called to marriage is to seek God concerning their husbands.

The enemy wants to play match-maker, because he wants to stop purpose and lessen the effect marriages have in the earth.

Women of God, those of you who are called to marriage are positioned and equipped by God to stand with the men of God.

The enemies aim is to remove the women so he can have his way with the men.  This is the reason Apostle Paul says woman is the glory of man.

The enemy will often attack the woman because he wants to get to the man.

In the Garden of Eden, notice the serpent came to Eve, because his mission was to get to Adam.

If he could get a hold of Eve, he could get a hold of Adam.

Women of God and those called by God to marriage, you have a responsibility to remain positioned and focus.

Do not allow the enemy to get you out of position, because you are needed for such a time as this.

I continue to pray and lift up the women of God, God ordained marital unions and those who are not yet saved because the enemy wants to keep you bound and distracted so you cannot fulfill your purpose.

I will also continue to pray against jealousy, because many are being fought by the enemy.

Women we need Jesus because we can never do it without Him.

Continue to praise and lift Him up because He is already moving and will continue to.


~ Shelly-Ann Powell

Shell-Ann PowellShelly-Ann Powell is a woman after God’s heart, founder and director of the Impact Nations For Christ organization whose mission is to empower, strengthen and point humanity to the Savior Jesus Christ.

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Being an Effective Women of God! — 3 Comments

  1. This is straight from the Holy Spirit! Confirmation.

    Thank you sister. Praise God for the truth spoken by the remnant and the blood of the lamb that breaks chains.

  2. My,my,my! So powerful,encouraging and challenging. Halleluyah! YAH bless you sister Shelly.