Beware of deceptive friends set to destroy you

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 Legal and Illegal Warfare

People, you have to know legal warfare from illegal warfare.  There are some battles you go into that are not legitimate.

I just came out of a warfare prayer where the Spirit of The Lord spoke and said, PRAY AGAINST DEMONIC MIND STIMULATION!  This is when a person will try to manipulate your thoughts to control you by creating a unauthorized burden for them so that they can control how you pray.

It’s a demonic interference to the assignment of intercession that God wants to pour through you.  These are persons that make their problems seem so heavy and overwhelming when in reality what they have done is create a false burden atmosphere to draw you into their life because they want or need attention.

This in turns opens a portal in the life of the person interceding and creates a warfare against them that was never part of their prayer and intercession assignment!

Watch out for these unauthorized burdens and as people ask you for prayer don’t just automatically begin prayer but inquire in the Spirit if this is a legal battle you are entering!

Eagles, buzzards, Vultures and Chickens

How come are we losing so many who say they are EAGLES to buzzards vultures and chickens?

How is it the mentality of those who know who God has made them, becoming so distorted and deceived?

How are we going from walking in authority to living in defeat and fear?

What has happen that we have allowed ourselves to lose our identity and become totally opposite to the character and personality that God had built in us?

What would cause us to bow to the enemy and go contrary to the spiritual nature of our Father?

There are far too many who are coming down from their position, mingling with the things that can harm or destroy them.  We are pulled from the heights of victory and strength and brought to a low place because we have allow people or things to become more important than our determination to stand in who we are called to be by God.

Sometimes we diminish who we are, to adjust to those uncomfortable with our assurance in who we are.  Many times, when you are secure in your identity, people will accuse you of being prideful.

When you have no doubt or insecurity about yourself, people tend to say you think you are better than everybody else, or that you are operating in the flesh, or you need to be humble, when in reality, you know who you are, who God has designed and made you to be.

Just refuse to let people make you unsure or doubtful about yourself, so you walk in the confidence that all you are, or all you will be, is because God has made you to be it.

People, don’t let anyone make you feel like you are doing something wrong by being who you are!  It’s a difference in pride and confidence and don’t let nobody make you lose your confidence in your God given identity.

Prophets with a Jonah mentality

This is something I have been inquiring to God about for six weeks now.  It’s something I have noticed, so I asked God will He address the people personally or allow me to address it?

But I notice that many of the ones who say they are Prophets, have a Jonah mentality about them.  They give words of judgement to the people, then get upset because the people repent and what they prophesied about their judgement doesn’t come to pass!

Do you not know that God is not rejoicing in the destruction of souls?  That He would rather see the souls repent and turn from their wickedness?  Prophets, remember God can give you a word of warning for a person, or a nation of people, but if those persons sincerely repent, He will have mercy and turn the judgement that He spoke against them.

My problem with some of the ones who proclaim they are prophets is, their hearts.  The Prophets were grieved at the sins of the people, but they didn’t rejoice, because souls were being lost.

God shows me different things that are coming upon the earth, and even some things about a person’s life, but I interceded for mercy and don’t rejoice, because I have to give a word of judgement to them.  And I would never be happy to see a soul go into judgement without Christ .

Some of the words are spoken out of the bitterness of soul and angry spirits, rather than a word from The Lord.  For some you need to really search your heart and be sure that God is giving you that word of destruction or judgement before you speak.

I would hate to see the judgement of God come upon you because you spoke a lie in the name of The Lord.  And yes there is some judgements that have been set, but only God determines when His mercy has run out for a person’s life.  And remember Prophets, you are just the mouthpiece of God.  He is the one that carries out His word not you!

Get rid of that Jonah spirit and stop getting upset, because God didn’t kill the person you gave the message to!  And I know some of you doom and gloom want people to be scare of you Prophets are going to get upset just know God also judges the heart of His prophets.

Don’t use your position as a weapon against the people.  I’m very careful and check several times with The Lord before I release any word of judgement, period!

I’m checking spirit mind and soul motives and desires!

Beware of deceptive friends set to destroy you

This morning I’m in deep thought because The Lord showed me in two dreams the enemy at a very high deceptive realm.

There are some persons who The Lord is going to absolutely revealed, their heart and mind and you can’t have a closed eye or deaf ear about them.  They are dangerous because of the dimension of jealousy and hatred they harbor in their heart toward you. They are secretly destroying your name and character by whispering in the ear of others plus they are also creating fabricated lies and including your name in their vendettas against others.

Because of your association with them people will believe their stories and judge you for their behaviour.

For the better of your character and the survival of your work for The Lord, you will have to make some decisions in this season that will require you to separate from those that have hidden agendas concerning you.

Don’t overlook the dreams visions and words that God is sending to you about a person.

Holding on to a rotten fruit often causes you to lose the good fruit that is connected to you, or keeps those who want to connect from connecting to you.

Sometimes we allow emotional attachments to cause us to forego our discernment, that tells us that this person only is connected because they want something from you, or using you, for some selfish reason.

We should never overlook the behavior or character of those we know, just because we love or care for them.  Doing so will cause us unnecessary heartache trials and situations that could had been avoided if we had only taken heed to the warnings that God gave us.

It is so important that we protect ourselves from those persons that God shows us that are secret enemies.  People wear masks and are very good at deception when they have an agenda.

Begin to discern spiritually those that are around you and allow The Lord to deal with your spirit concerning them and then make the necessary decisions and adjustments to keep you from being destroyed.


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.


Beware of deceptive friends set to destroy you — 4 Comments

  1. These people left our churches, but they never really belonged with us; otherwise they would have stayed with us. When they left, it proved that they did not belong with us. (‭1 John‬ ‭2‬:‭19‬ NLT)

  2. I *just* received such a word yesterday about someone who is close.  I received that this individual would betray me as Judas betrayed our Lord; yet I have not been ‘released’ from this individual.  I’ve been praying about this since, and then today I find this Word.  I have some more praying for true discernment; that I would not allow my own feelings, motives, agendas, etc. to get in the way.  Other parts of these words apply to someone at work as well … this is actually a confirmation of what I believed the Lord had been telling me; I just didn’t have any ‘proof’.  Thank you for sharing these words.