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Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing — 4 Comments

  1. I must comment to the the Sabbath issue.
    I’m self employed and had a job a couple years ago which circumstances required it be done and in order to complete it on time I would have to work on Sunday. All morning I agonized and battled with the accuser, so much so I didn’t hear a word the Pastor spoke as I was going back and forth in my mind. Over and over I asked the Lord what to do, and over and over the enemy played on my fear of punishment, when finally the Lord spoke up, and what He said surprised and delighted me, “I AM YOUR SABBATH!” He said. I went home, changed clothes, went to work, and finished my job on time, praise God Hallelujah!!
    As far as the wolves in sheep’s clothing, let the the wheat be strengthened enough to be able to pray the tares out of their bondage and into the Truth of their actual identity in their Makers Image.
    Thank you beautiful Deborah!! Once again He’s extremely blessed me through you.:)

  2. O my God Deborah; back in o, 1977 when I first got “born again” and baptised; the wolf in sheeps clothing came at me to kill maim and destroy in the church parking lot.  I had just remarried, and was just born again and pregnant. But the religious wolves led me to the abortion table through seductive confusion and deception. It is now 2023 and I am still tormented by this on the one hand, but the good news is that my baby is in heaven and I will join him or her as we were baptised together.  I was just a newborn baby and unable to stand against the darkness that came at me from the church going religious family.  It was horrible for me; and they didn’t stop there, coerced/forced me to have a salingo ooperectomy hysterectomy at age 30.
    So I am on my healing and deliverance journey now with Jesus.  Thank you for saying we will snatch wmomever out of the fire…it’s my calling now. God bless you guide you and keep you.
    and thank you.

  3. Thank you for sharing sister Deborah, I pray for discernment to be able to know the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Halleluyah Amein.

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