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Beware Social Media — 1 Comment

  1. Apostle this is on point and very timely.
    I am not really gullible and very discerning and on Facebook.
    I had a friend request from a pretty popular Christian artist and I accepted.  Now when a person give me a Word, I don’t take it and run with it but, yes I have to see if it lines up biblically and if it confirms.
    The individual told me I needed to go on a fast with them and then they said I needed to sow a seed to an orphanage and they made a page for it.
    I knew this was deception and I didn’t respond back.  But think of others that are not spiritually discerning and who would fall for satan’s devices.
    Thanks for this and I pray this reach many followers of Christ to know and be aware of the devices of satan and the government.

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