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Because we Ask Amiss? or Take Your Bible to Church! — 3 Comments

  1. Taking your Bible to church, and asking amiss are two different things. Some people say give me whatever, to then laugh at the person.  They do that with a p[rove it mentality. Those people ask amiss too. Peace must therefore be given to naked people, saying they can be naked and dress and strip again away from their home with no one bothering them. God’s image will be seen, rather than clothing. God’s law will be obeyed. Mans law that is against them will be no where to be found. Peace will be given to pedophilia people too. I meet them growing up. They are not what people say. Give peace to furries when they have furry suites that have representations of parts on them. Let them do what their furry hearts want to do. Give zoosexuals peace. It is all about giving people peace. Jesus gave people peace, when he walked among people.
    People were not saying OMG, with God saying don’t say that. Christs enemies were taking God’s name in vain.

  2. Asking amiss is to ask for whatever to then consume whatever upon your own lusts. Visualize a devil who has no self control, asking for whatever through a person, consuming whatever, without restraint.

  3. To ask amiss is to ask for whatever to consume whatever just because you can, like an insatiable devil, or ask for whatever to harm a person, or a person thinking, prove it: give me X number of dollars, proving you beleive in ask, and receive.

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