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Birthing the Promises of God: “GET READY TO PUSH” — 6 Comments

  1. I just noticed the date this was published and I am in Awe of God because I truly needed to the clarity of this process.  Thanks for your obedience in posting.

  2. Wow.  It is many years later from your authored date on this Word from the Lord—and HE has me here!  so. awesome. 

    I needed scripture references to corroborate my journal entries from my time with the Lord—for my betrothed has dropped his crown and lost his way—now attempting to persecute me for hearing the Lord’s voice (my children too.) This is criminal in the natural and the supernatural—so THANKFUL JESUS IS ON THE THRONE!!

  3. I asked God to find me a real one – the perfect one, and this is it.  Confirmation to my question -100%.  To God be The Glory

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