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Bitterness is a Device of the Devil to Cause Hurt — 4 Comments

  1. I too struggle with my oldest child over this. She is so bitter that she has destroyed all her important relationships including hers and mine. Been praying for 40 years for her. Don’t know what to do anymore…afraid she won’t enter God’s Kingdom even though she received Christ and is baptized
    ..no forgiveness in her…I think she is very emotionally disturbed. ….any ideas would be appreciated

  2. Bitterness is not a sin, second, Naomi was so bitter she changed her name to Mara; yet she still found her destiny and got to where God was going. Lets not be so hard on ourselves. Until Christians start going down to the local courthouse to change their name, i wouldnt worry about it.

  3. I must constantly fight this feeling almostdaily with a loved one and it has become very difficult again recently, today is a particularly bad one, my spirit is weak and I am not well,I am very tired. I feel like I am failing my Lord Jesus. Would you say a prayer for me and for my husband. God bless you

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