Blessings and Thanksgiving — 2 Comments

  1. I have been saved since 2013, I have been growing and maturing in the past years with our Lord and now I am at a place after attending a God man’s encounter, where I realize some of my actions behind the doors that none sees, have been convicting me lately. And I would use Marijuana and not realizing that is a sin too.
    All the deeds I have been performing for the Lord on the water at my job singing of his name, and the bit of grace he has shown me, I have said time and time again I am sorry God and then I go and do it again, I feel like even if I die today I might now make it to heaven and I though because you are saved you will.
    I am not intentionally trying to sin, but I am on the fence. Yesterday was the last day I smoked marijuana and cigarettes, those are my triggers and I know after the spirit convicting me, I can’t not live that old life anymore, please pray for me brother, I have repented to the Lord but I know my actions speak louder. 
    Next month I am going to Denver for 6 days and the people around here in Daytona smoke too.  But I realize now God and my eternity is worth more, I am so scared right brother, I don’t want to upset God anymore.
    Please reach out to him on my behalf and share your thoughts with me.
    I have never done this before, Christ is deep in my heart. Keep being blessed brother.

    Kind Regards,
    Eric Carmichael

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