Prayers for Breaking Curses and Releasing Blessings of God — 16 Comments

  1. please pray for me & my family for the last 30 years we have suffered so much we lost a daughter my son in law Gino has lost his job the family is in strife nothing goes right we have constant pain & suffering we pray so much but are prayers go unanswered people do not wish us well especially my husbands family please pray for us

    • Jacinta, I don’t know where you are in the lord. You need to step outside from the chAos. Be still..Do not reacte…start speaking LIFE into the chaos.
      Start bieniging ringing angry.  Get filled with the HOLY SPIRIT WITH speaking tongues. Read word!! I pray supernatural divine intervintion.I decree peace to this family.I bind the accused of the brethren spirt, in name of Jesus.


  2. please pray for me, lord help me to remove all evil blockcage mountains in my life, lord set me free from curses, set back rejections, badlucks, witchcraft, lord help me in 2020,please open my life, unblock my life, untie me lord, help me lord in 2020,please help me my man from you, to settle down,lord help me my man in 2020,pls open his eyes to see me,lord help me my adam, to settle, and live a blessed marriage life, lord pls help in jesus name, help me to end the relationship of me&smel, pls end it lord, help me, guide me, protect, be with me,lord bless me, pls help me a good heart, in jesus name put all my enmies to shame,all grave they dig for me, let them fall in it them selves lord help me in 2020 in jesus name amen!

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