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  1. The Blitzkrieg is shortly going to be here.  But it will be short lived because of the man of “peace”.

    Blessed be our loving heavenly Father who always warns us and instructs us for our security and fruitfulness in Him. Hallelujah!!!

  2. Priscilla, Sandi, Joyce. It is always a joy and good food to read your posts and comments. Pris, you are so right about the hunky dory words. This harvest is going to come in at great cost. When we first come to Christ, we really have no understanding about the cost. Perhaps it’s a good thing.  I find myself praying for the body of Christ throughout the Nations. We must hang on to our joy and peace in this hour and bear one another’s burdens. Our hearts have all been broken over Israel and are shedding many tears. Tears are a language God understands. Love you three wonderful women of God. Patricia

  3. Such a powerful word, Pris..so glad you shared so many more prayer points. And Patricia, what a confirmation. It is so amazing that all this was on the Lord’s ‘radar’ so long before we are living it..how HE has warned, revealed and sent direction to His prayer warriors. I often wonder (if tho’ we have no passport to the land of WHY) if the Lord was warning and sending messages to pray…could some of this be averted? But thanks be unto God..HE IS THE BEGINNING and the END. Thankful that we are the REMNANT and it is our call to ARISE, LISTEN and OBEY the only one WHO KNOWS IT ALL and WILL HAVE THE LAST WORD! Joyce, you are so right we must look to Jesus for HE has the answers because HE is the only ANSWER. Blessings, Sandi

  4. Spot on my sisters, Priscilla and Patricia.
    A lot of this I have also been warned of by the Lord for years and from others. We warn because we love! We must at all cost sell out for the gospels sake. Rev.12:11,12 for the moment I feel to give.
    REMNANT RISE UP HEAR AND OBEY THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD!! We will make it through all things, if we look only to Jesus Christ for our answers. God bless you and keep you.

    • He did indicate He would glorify us so we could go through it all & do the greater things. I was in India in 2002 when he first told me that we’d be transfigured which in the Greek is the same as transformed. So soon we will be so full of joy!

  5. Hi Priscilla.  This may take two posts to share. 

    My Dad went to be with Jesus in Feb. 2007.  Eighteen days earlier he received this from the Lord.  He was a man of prayer and had seen no news that week and spent each afternoon of that week in prayer.  I had posted this on 31 Dec. 06 on Lit4Ever.  After praying my Dad asked the Lord if He had anything for him.  He said, I believe I was told several things as follows: I will share the first part and then post again.

    2) “The enemy of the US and Canada is not from without, but from within.  In the minds eye I saw, and they remain with me, dots in many places on the map of North America, mainly in the US, as it is more thickly populated and has more significant cities, which are centers of concern.  I seemed to be told that they are places about which to be concerned in the future, but no dates were given. It would appear that all is in position in those locations and poised for a time unknown.”

    3) Priscilla this is post #3.  I only share this part of what the Lord showed my Dad.  He went to be with Jesus 18 days later. This is 17 years ago this Feb. It is so in keeping with your word dear Priscilla.  My heart is deeply burdened and did not get to bed till three thirty this morning.  The other part of his word was to do with Israel. Thanks for sharing.  We so must be hidden in Him as there is no other place to be covered and safe.  Much love sister, Patricia

    [Collated by HKP]

    • Thank you for confirming & sharing. I do believe much will be averted thru our prayers as the Lord told me more recently. But I’m concerned for those who think thru words of mixture that all will be hunky dorey without cost!
      God bless you & keep you & all who love Him in this hour along with the elect thru the harvest that is coming.

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