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Breakthrough! Breakthrough!! Breakthrough!!! — 5 Comments

    • Dear Dawn, I declare and decree for you your breakthrough as well! As it is in heaven so shall it be on earth!  Many blessings to you! Gabrielle

  1. Wow Gabrielle!! This is Beautiful, thank you for sharing!! I’m so blessed by this post!!
    I have a lamp I turn on when I pray through the night, it’s a basket shade and casts a beautiful flower shaped light on the wall, I look at it when I pray for encouragement, I put a new bulb in it the other day without realizing it’s got rainbow colors through the glass of the bulb…it’s exquisite!!
    God bless you my beautiful flower sister!! :)

    • Dear Cherish, I am so blessed that this psalm has blessed you tremendously. I had actually written this two years ago but by the urging of the Holy Spirit just recently, as I was singing my psalms, led me to this again and after a few tweaks to some verses, it was even more beautiful.  It has special meaning to me as my grandmother gave me a beautiful rose necklace years ago. There is a rose in all of us that is waiting to unfold and bloom. Much love to you! Gabrielle

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