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Breakthrough Prophetic Word for August 2019 — 20 Comments

  1. Amen i trust the divine timing to be receiving this message i so appreciate and Love how God gifts us the way the truth the light i Love you Lord

  2. In the precious, wonderful & mighty Name of the Lord Jesus, may the will of Father God be done in South Africa His inheritence. I receive with faith this Word that never return to Him void, but accomplish all that He sends it to do.

  3. This is a confirmation of my shifting, glory to God, today in my devotion time I was reading the book of Haggai, and I was being told of my situation where I am sowing much to my business and harvesting little and what I should do in obedience to the Lord in order to harvest more I am glad that the Lord has answered my prayer, I have been asking questions. But now I will launch deeper. Glory to Him in the Highest

  4. In the Name of Jesus.. Hear the word of the Lord, His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. The harvest is white, we receive Almighty.. From South Africa to the world be Glorified

  5. Right word at the right season.I am single mother with 2 teenage daughters with no job for the past 7 months. I believe that I receive this mighty prophecy in the name of Jesus. Men and women of God please pray for me and my girls.

  6. Amen All Glory to the King of Glory Ancient of Kings be Lifted up in our. nation South Africa n my Entire Family’s Lives Amen. Breakthrough super naturally overwhelm us on everyside East West North n South amen

  7. 2 Sundays ago while I was in worship at church I had a vision I cannot explain in words what I saw but I knew that Father was shifting things and quickly I am now getting through your word from Father what that shift is about Praise the Lord

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