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  1. In June 2021 God gave our family an assignment. This is not a new thing, because God has given us assignments, since he saved us all at the same time, many years ago. We have never believed in foreign missions. We are to feed, help shelter, and provide what God tell us to, for a very, very poor village of mostly single mothers and children, in the bush, 4 hour walk to nearest town and 3 hour walk to buy water.only our contact in the village can read and type english.she was born an orphan, her primary school education was paid for by a nun. Mother and father both died with hiv/ aids. Most all the women and children are infected with hiv/aids virus. Our family is our church, no 501-3 corporation. We are JUST a normal family, nobody special. We are honored to accept such an important assignment from God our Father.

    • May God who singled you people out for this heavenly assignment provide, equip, strengthen, protect & increase HIS Anointing upon you all. God bless you all! Thanks

  2. Praise God! God bless you, Sister Kelley!️❤️I stand in agreement with this message and Word from the Lord. God is good, always imparting his thoughts, his heart unto his people, giving them instructions with what is desiring, his will for that season.

    I believe the days ahead have began now. I feel and experiencing that boldness rising within me, which began this past week. We have to be bold, because the enemy, our adversary the devil have started getting bolder with his attacks on those who are speaking loud for Jesus Christ, so we must speak louder through the Holy Spirit, in faith, with God’s Word, unwavering, unshakable and unmovable. I trust and believe the Anointing of the Lord to pour out and fall in a mighty, heavy and miraculous divine way for his Chosen ones.

    Peace and Blessings!️

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