But they said, We will NOT walk therein!


“Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.  They said, no.  No, we won’t….”  

I was given this verse in Jeremiah 6:16, many years ago now.  I had to do some searching; I had to fast and pray and study long, for the Spirit to give me understanding.  It happened at a time in my life, when if I needed anything at all, I needed rest, for my soul.  Years of turmoil had ravaged the very center of my heart; there had been no rest, no peace, for a long while.

What were the old paths this prophet was talking about.  First of all, he said I had to look for them; I had to stand and I had to search.  I realize today, that I was blessed; I had walked some of those old paths.  I had seen many things, even as a young lad growing up; things I would one day come to treasure so much.  It wasn’t all about the clothes I wore; it wasn’t only about the building I attended or the logo that was up over the door.  Today, it is not called old paths; it’s called ”ole school.”  Few today can deny that this old school they talk about, was real anointing.  Go back and listen to the singing; it still moves people and blesses those who watch and hear.  But what other things, do so many no longer do on this new path we follow now.

  • Obeying the leading of the Spirit.

  • Allowing the gifts of the Spirit to fully operate; letting people use their God-given abilities.

  • Encouraging others to go ahead of us; waiting on Him to exalt us in due time.

  • Praying through before we started church; learning how to yield to the Spirit and recognize the unction of the Holy Ghost.

  • Studying to show ourselves approved unto God; a workman that didn’t have to be ashamed.

  • Giving all the glory to God; not promoting self or giving in to the desire of being placed on a pedestal.

  • Being sure to let every member know, that they were just as important as anyone else.

  • Refusing to show partiality; giving people the benefit of the doubt.

  • Tarrying in the altar; for however long it took.

  • Being forgiving; actually being tenderhearted; not letting bitterness take root.

I want to tell you what I believe at this moment; another old path.  We need to get us a bottle of oil;  and go throughout our entire house, and anoint every piece of furniture, every room, and don’t miss a thing!    We need to re-dedicate everything we have, back to God; give it back to the One who gave it in the first place.

  • We need to return to praying in the Spirit, and go through every room in our house, speaking in tongues and casting out every spirit that doesn’t belong there.

  • Every time we open our Bibles, we need to ask God to open our understanding to what we read and what we are studying.

  • Control our tongue; bring it under subjection; and stop saying things about people we have no business saying.

  • Humble ourselves; don’t wait for God to do it.

  • Greet each other with a Holy kiss; lay hands on one another and pray until the Spirit falls on us both.

  • Remember where He brought us from; show a spirit of gratitude; see others who have so little.

But many said, NO!  All of that’s old-fashioned; we don’t need all of those things today.  That’s what the old church did.  That’s the old way; this is a different age and time; all of those things are not necessary anymore.  We need to stop.  It’s not all about what you look life.  If God has given me a bit of truth here, look back over the things He’s help me list.

Back then, it was the natural thing to do.  You see, the Spirit, made it easy; it wasn’t even work; it was a joy.  If what people are doing today, was the good way, we’d all be getting to the place we used to get to.  And that was closer; closer to God, and closer to each other.

Loving more, and judging less.  These very things, are the things we need to revive; they are the things that need to be restored to the church, in this hour.

Renew in me, a right spirit, oh God….


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn




But they said, We will NOT walk therein! — 2 Comments

  1. Yes, agree.  A Holy kiss also means, that all people will honor marriages as well… and not use the “Holy kiss” scripture to act out of selfish, spiteful motives.  We have to look at what scripture also says about “Marriage should be honored by all”, “Holy kiss” means with no bad motives, hidden negative motives.

  2. We also need to remember that those in the body of Christ who are older, are seen as mothers and fathers and those younger, as brothers and sisters. 
    Also need to remember that when people love with Christ’s love in them… (especially towards opposite genders), that the feelings of warmth and “to spend time with that person” is actually because Christ in that person is loving you, unconditionally, not because he/she has feelings for you, romantic feelings, no. 
    We have to remember that many people are alone and don’t get attention from their spouses as they used to… when someone of the opposite sex loves with Christ’s love, its often misunderstood… because they don’t realize the fact that it is Christ loving through that person, being friendly, warm, loving and caring and tender…
    It is Christ we see in people and His love towards us, when we truly start to love as Christ wants us to love and then we need to remember and focus on the truth that those in His body is our brothers and sister and moms and dads… and its Christ in that person that makes me to hang out and spend time with him/her…
    Jesus was followed by many people cause of His love towards people, His true care and compassion and unconditional love.  People were drawn to Him, HIS LOVE.