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But they said, We will NOT walk therein! — 2 Comments

  1. We also need to remember that those in the body of Christ who are older, are seen as mothers and fathers and those younger, as brothers and sisters. 
    Also need to remember that when people love with Christ’s love in them… (especially towards opposite genders), that the feelings of warmth and “to spend time with that person” is actually because Christ in that person is loving you, unconditionally, not because he/she has feelings for you, romantic feelings, no. 
    We have to remember that many people are alone and don’t get attention from their spouses as they used to… when someone of the opposite sex loves with Christ’s love, its often misunderstood… because they don’t realize the fact that it is Christ loving through that person, being friendly, warm, loving and caring and tender…
    It is Christ we see in people and His love towards us, when we truly start to love as Christ wants us to love and then we need to remember and focus on the truth that those in His body is our brothers and sister and moms and dads… and its Christ in that person that makes me to hang out and spend time with him/her…
    Jesus was followed by many people cause of His love towards people, His true care and compassion and unconditional love.  People were drawn to Him, HIS LOVE.

  2. Yes, agree.  A Holy kiss also means, that all people will honor marriages as well… and not use the “Holy kiss” scripture to act out of selfish, spiteful motives.  We have to look at what scripture also says about “Marriage should be honored by all”, “Holy kiss” means with no bad motives, hidden negative motives.

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