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  1. Thank you Lord Jesus for salvation
    When some is in danger, we pray for them to be saved. We pray that the Lord Jesus will heal them divinely, nudge them and give them divine strength, speak to them with His small still voice which way to go and what to do. Most importantly, we pray for them to cry out to Christ Jesus for salvation of the soul, and that He will instruct them to pray and give their life to our Savior Jesus Christ.
    We can eat and drink, and marry and be given to marriage until the day the Lord Jesus is coming and we will all see Him. The main reason to live in this world is to get to the right place in the New Heaven that is coming. In the meantime, we need to tell the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ, that all need personal salvation, all can come, all can obtain forgiveness of whatever sin and get into salvation of the Lord. Time IS short. God bless you all with good news. Lucia Ludvigsen

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