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Can We Love As He Loved? — 1 Comment

  1. To love as Christ loves is be in Christ! For we can only do what we recieve from Him that loved us first! No man can achieve such perfect love on their own for He (Christ)is above and we are in our earthly flesh fallen man. But those who are born again by the Spirit understand these things for though they are still in the earthly body, they have been reborn in the Spirit and in the vine of Christ able to recieve as a fruit all that Our Lord imparts and empowers us to receive. Does a grape struggle to grow on the vine? Or does it die when the branch is broken off? We look to Our Lord Jesus to empower us. He, Our Savior, never condemned a soul, even on the cross at the point of death he prayed to the to forgive His enemies. You see there is no one like Our God!!! He is the source! He is the one who can love this way!! And His children He provides grace and mercy, and gives them a heart like their Lord! No mortal man has these abilities, the ability to love like that, purely inside and outside. There is no one like Him!! Only those that abide in him have such fruit! He never required Martha to love Him but he asked her to believe and recieve Him! That is what he asks of us all…. To believe. In and of yourself you can do nothing. You can’t love like that but through Christ and Christ alone we can do all things. If we believe! Please stop hoping human man will ever change on their own. Please stop burdening them with things they can’t do. But lift up the works of Christ to them, help them know the work is already finished and Christ has already performed a perfect work. He ca restore, bless, forgive, changes hearts, being peace where He dwells. So if he dwells in your heart watch the fruit of love grow powerfully in those Our Lord abides in!

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