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Cast Out The Horns — 4 Comments

  1. I am spiritually upgraded and assisted whenever I verbalize the prayer points. Kindly assist me with prayer point in the direction on settlement(Marriage, Finance and Kingdom support)
    God bless! May the Good lord continues to use you in your Gifting.

  2. Thank you Abba Father, thank you Jesus Christ, thank you Holy spirit for your words released to me. A confirmation of the words my pastor gave me barely 2 hours again. Indeed the demonic horns that have scattered I & my family blessings are destroyed by the precious blood of Jesus. Thank you Pastor Thomas

  3. Lord we thank You today for Your Faithfullness to never leave nor forsake us.
    We place our hands in Yours.
    You guide us by Streams of Living Water.
    You never leave nor forsake us.
    You are our Constant Companion.
    You see us, always, through the Finished Work of the Cross.
    You say over us, My Son in Whom I AM well pleased. 
    Open the eyes of our understanding so that we may see Your Reflection and walk in That Truth, for Yours is the only Image in which we exist.
    We desire relationship Abba, for we are Your Beloved Children.

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