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Caught Up With the KJV in My Hand — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you for this Ken, I am KJV only as God has shown me since 1990 when I got saved after reading my husbands KJV Gideon New Testament. I joined a church that used the NIV, but every time I tried to use an NIV God made it clear the KJV was His choice. When I woke up to 9/11 inside job and satanic ritual abuse, chem trails, depopulation etc I also was lead to the Truth of the New Age Bible versions by Gail Riplinger.  I was shocked at how many people when told the Truth about the new versions deletions of Scripture and de-elevating of Jesus and other evil changes to Gods Word, they still kept their books that are called Bibles.
    I’m sure this paragraph will not be well received. But I have the security of knowing that God is able and has preserved His Word. I know He is gracious and uses these irreverent paraphrases, because Love covers. Those who love the Truth will look into this and He will show you. God bless you all.

  2. Absolutely my bro Ken Dewey! I can strongly relate to this Word even you seeing it from KJV. God bless you.
    I still remember all the days and years on f.b. together with you and precious Celeste! Also the mentoring example you were to me in those days. God bless you sir.

  3. What an amazing Story the Author is writing of your like Mr. Dewey. Thank you for sharing that amazing Chapter. That He would Love us so much to bless us in such incredible ways!! What a Loving Father He is!!

  4. What an encounter you had with the Lord Sir. Our God can choose to use any medium to express Himself to us His children irrespective of our weaknesses. I had once posted here on HKP that the Bible I understand is only KJV. I just can’t explain why!  Sir, I pray to have such encounter by His Grace. May God bless, strengthen & double your Anointing. Thanks for sharing Sir.

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