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The Day of Pentecost Is HERE: Surely Seek THE HOLY SPIRIT! — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you so very much for this much-needed word for today.  I believe and I receive every word…May this Pentecost be the best Pentecost that has ever been before!!

  2. Thanks bro Jacob for yet another wonderful teaching,I must say that it’s very very insightful. YAHWEH bless and reward you for your work in His Kingdom. Shalom from Nigeria.

  3. Would very much love to, but unfortunately haven’t gotten any church, group thinking that way, I am always praying for Devine connection to people who do the things written in the Holy Bible. But many are denominations with certain rules and regulations and certain beliefs.

    • Hello dear, you can celebrate these feasts with your family or even alone. My Church right now is my online brothers and sisters and I celebrate these feasts of the Lord whenever it is time. Remember it is the Feasts of the LORD not man made feasts like Christmas, Easter, Valentine etc. Shalom and YAHWEH bless you.

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