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Child-likeness and Kingdom Reality — 1 Comment

  1. What a precious article, dear brother Ron ! When I’ve read the vision, about the importantance of the music, the golden sunlight and the fresh water, I have been comforted that my work for the Lord and His children was not in vain. Overnight the Sermon on the Mount came again to my mind and I wanted to set it again to my google page. Many encouragements I’ve got through loving brothers and sisters at HKP.
    You all know that mindcontrol programs are widespread. These tons of books, your vision confirmed it, have poisened and oppressed people. Profit had and sadly still have the authors of those controlling “think tanks” who claim to be leaders of the entire world. BUT GOD – His Book is HOLY, and we must use and spread His Words day by day, night by night. And we must be in unity, singing His praises. Written on Sunday and finished at 12:22.

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