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China — The Wall Comes Down, the Captive Come Free — 6 Comments

  1. P.S.
    God woke me up 5 minutes to 3 a.m. and told me to turn on TBN and Fushia Pickett was doing a Prophetic message on this also 6/90 in Karl Strader’s church. Ordered 4 days of messages that she was there. POWERFUL, POWERFUL, POWERFUL. It’s in one of her books, “when God hits the power switch she said, no man, no demon in hell was going to get credit for the last day move of God”. AMEN, AMEN AND AMEN. POWERFUL TIME. Shared those tapes with everyone i knew at the time, people were calling, contacting, so many divine appointments, people sending to their friends who were contacting me with their wonderful revelations. Powerful time. THANK YOU. Someone just sent me.

  2. FYI:
    I’ve had a vision of Ezekiel 47: River COMING OUT OF GOD’S THRONE. Shared with some people at the time and Reinhard Bonnke did an Apostolic Message in Arizona on it TBN aired it (it was one of the most anointed messages) 22,000 young people and i was there to hear it go WONDERFUL, AMAZING.

  3. “In fact in 2006, I sensed in my Spirit and in part saw and believed, that God is building, creating Himself”

    I have no revelation about China or the dam but I have the same revelation that God is ‘building and creating Himself’ through His obedient children which may be a confirmation to what you sensed.

    “Let us make man in our image”

    Greetings and blessings from sweden.

  4. Interesting that this post comes just after I read the following headline in Breaking Israel News:
    China’s Three Gorges Dam, Largest in World, In Danger of Collapse After Worst Floods in 70 Years.
    German-Chinese hydrologist Wang Weiluo told Radio France Internationale on Monday the dam could collapse at any moment. Wang pointed out that the dam’s design, construction, and quality inspection were all carried out by the same group of people and that the project was finished too quickly using substandard concrete. Heavy rain is forecast to continue over south China.

    • Thanks for the observation … I watch this Mark as you do and yes, I wonder. Fourteen years ago, I would have found it difficult to understand HOW, things would occur, but because we believe His desire we know that He WILL DO IT. For your info Mark, there are 5 more parts to follow.

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