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Discernment vs. Deception; True and False Prophecies — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you brother for word of maturity in God and being given this word,it has confirmed the word of God through you as well as for me for last year and a half and have heeded what the Holy Spirit says by the word of God I am so happy that has been confirmed and to the those of here that remind me of Job’s friends having their say and understanding and mixing it up makes me not ignorant to it either, I will be praying for you and them brother,blessed are those who walk in the counsel of the Godly

  2. good word Jacob……again I say what the Word says “let the peace of God rule in your heart” which also is the fruit of the spirit….if there is no peace it is not God….also the spirit of prophecy is the testamony of Jesus…it must testify of Christ……this is the way to discern truth from false in all things……so badlysneeded in these last days of deception…….unfortunately pastors fail to teach about the baptism of the spirit and the gifts of the spirit and have made a very weak body of christ for these end times…..yes the peeace of God is a feeling you feel deep in your spirit….I have been taught by God to walk this way for 50yrs it has succesfully led me by his spirit……Peace be to you and thankyou for your word

  3. Am loosing hope fast enough,21years have nothing to show in salvation,God has failed me ,can’t serve Satan ,I have known truth and can’t turn away from it,can’t feed my ,family,my busy down ,set backs all around me I really don’t know what to do.

    • my brother you have been under severe attack from the enemy…..first advice to you and others is to be in a realm of praise to God….yell out praises sing praises put praise music on sing especially about the blood of Jesus…..you probably wont feel like it but bible teachs us to offer a sacrifice of praise and as you do your spirit will free up keep up wiith praise and worship in these end times..God inhabits the praise of his people……..as you are in this realm you will begin to hear him speak to you…..keep this up and you will be free to see things as God sees them…be patient and keep praising…..peace to you brother…time is very short for us right now….he is on the way

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