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Choose Your Destination Wisely, for There Is No Going Back — 4 Comments

  1. We are all living on borrow time & the clock is tickling. Hell is real. Heaven is real. No debate on it. May God open our eyes of heart to understand & make intelligent decision on where we would like to spend eternity. Thank you God’s vessel Lynne

  2. There is a wonderful song: *I’ve come too far to look back that is free on youtube. For some, it will be a choice between the pope or Jesus. For others, it will be a choice between **church leaders or Jesus. “Brian Houston was the president of the Australian Christian Churches when Frank’s [Houston] pedophilia came to light.”



    • Thank you for sharing the sad end of Frank Houston with us. I read through it & was moved. Many pastors & belivers are secretly battling different demonic spirits. We need to always pray for those in God’s vineyard as the battle is so much. May God help us all. Thanks

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