Chosen to Carry the Glory


I have called you in strength, not in weakness.  When you are weak, then are you strong.  I have come to lift you up, not to cast you down.

I have called you to more than you thought you could possibly be in Me.  I have called you with a Holy calling.  I have chosen you out from among many.  Many have been called but few have been chosen.

You are the chosen for this day and this hour.

You are chosen to carry My Glory to the next generation.

You are chosen to show a world just exactly WHO I AM.

As you allow My light within you to shine forth, others will see and they will glorify Me, your Heavenly Father.  You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood.   You are fitted with a royal crown, a royal robe and royal prestige, royalty that the world cannot give you.

I go forth preparing to reveal to the world a CHOSEN end time army, not having been prepared by man, but having been prepared by My Spirit says the Lord.  I have prepared you for this very hour.

Get ready for the days that are ahead.  Be of good courage, as you are not of this world.  At this time and in the time of great trouble in the earth, My PREPARED army will shine, like the noon day sun and the light of the Lord will rest upon you, as you go.

The Glory of My countenance will be upon you.  As the world sees you come forth, they will say, “What is it that causes you to “light up” in this darkened world of sorrow and whoa”?  Many questions will come your way;  “How can you laugh, how can you be so free, how can you….”

At that moment, as they see the True Light, revelation becomes their portion, they will know, certainly this joy, certainly this hope, certainly this sense of well being is not of this earthly realm…. in a moments time they will look beyond the earthly realm, even unto Me says the Lord.

And those who belong to Me, will give to them NOT silver and gold, greater than that will they give, for all that I have is theirs.  Revelation will come not by flesh and blood, but Our Father which is Heaven, as HE is breathing on the earth Truth, Eternal Truth and Reality of the now season we are in, let Him breathe on you.

As you go forward in Me, let nothing hold you back.  Press into the fullness of that which I have set before you, give away that which I have given to you and it will be measured back to you again.  Be open,  to receive all that I have for you, and be willing to give it away, and New Life will flow like the River and out of your own bellies shall flow Rivers of LIVING Water, a continual flow of Life will come forth from you.  Let the River flow, let it flow.

I have given you great and precious promises.  I have given you dreams and visions and shown you the days of Glory that are ahead.  Trust Me.  Trust Me to open up the eyes of your understanding.  Trust Me to cause you to see and to have revelation in this hour, to understand and to have understanding of this day, and understanding of the times and the seasons.  You will see and know that I am revealing Myself in a greater way to a people hungering and thirsting after Righteousness.  Not all will see.  Not all will seek after Me but for those that do hunger and thirst, they will be FILLED. Be not cast down, no, not even for a moment!

I AM your God!  I have called you to sit in heavenly places with Me.  Rejoice in all things!  I asked a simple thing of you, Only Believe!

“Those who look to Him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame,”  Psalm 34:5.
God is the Health of our countenance. A radiant countenance is a healthy countenance.
Acts 6:15,  Exodus 34:29-30,  Psalm 42:11,  Proverbs 15:13,  Song of Solomon 2:14, 5:15, Acts,  Luke 9:29.
We should be radiant with the Glory of God
Amen and Amen


~ Gail Manizak

Gail ManizakGail Manizak
of The Power and Presence Ministry, is all about encouraging the Body of Christ as a Ministry of Intercession and contending for our communities, as a House of Prayer.



Chosen to Carry the Glory — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Gail, these prophecies are in season, and filled with substance, that can only come from the Spirit of the Lord. It also gives great perspective, making believers know what is in the heart of the Father. May God continiuosly bless you with more revelation.

  2. Gail, every word you’re speaking is from Holy Spirit,and I receive it in Jesus Name.

  3. My friend sent me your link. Very interesting, enjoyed reading it. Blessings