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Christian Saltiness — Just What Did Jesus Mean? — 4 Comments

  1. Maybe Jesus is telling us if we ever leave him we are not allowed to come back to him, that’s what he means about losing salt, just like Paul in Hebrews 6 vs 4-6 we are forever condemned that is why we can no longer feel close to the Lord.

    • That is how i use to feel until i realized that God is love and is always open to us to come home. There are so many of us out there that think we are the only ones who cannot be forgiven, it is so sad. I went thru years of self condemnation by not interpreting scripture correctly. But after much prayer and fasting the scripture came alive again and i realized that God is love over flowing with mercy so whoever feels like you cant come back, please pray Jesus loves you

    • Judas ischariot left and never came back and you know what happened to him Peter left and did come back and you know what happened to him

    • If we truly know the LORD and begin to understand our place in society as believers personally I can’t imagine someone walking away. If they know Him they won’t walk away. They would be walking toward something less than the truth. I just can’t imagine that happening if they REALLY know Him

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