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The first thing to mention about Christian Writing is that you are writing about sacred things, so you are on Holy Ground.

It must be guided by The Holy Spirit, so that you write what God desires you to write.

The second thing to mention is that The Holy Spirit has Copyright of the material, because you are writing what He tells you to write.

You have copyright on the way it is transmitted and of the way you lecture on it, depending whether you quote what you write, or explain it.

If you are writing books or educational material for general publication, then God must have anointed you to do that, or you may not express properly what He desires you to teach.

And if you are not anointed by God to do these things, The Holy Spirit will not guide you, as you are not doing the will of God.

Also, you should not do it to make money, as you are saying God has failed you and that Matthew 6:33 is false.

God promises to supply all your need if you are doing His Will and developing the relationship you have with Him.

So if you are doing what He desires you to do, then He will supply all your needs.  It is only when you desire things He does not want you to have, that you seek to make money from what you do.

You also should not write for the purposes of self-esteem, self-worth or recognition.  These are selfish reasons, so that God will not honour what you write, but satan will, in a way that suits his purposes.

What you write must be for the purposes of God and not for your own purposes, because then they will serve satan in some way, because they will not be the complete truths God desires you to teach through your writing.

The purposes of Christian writings are primarily to teach others what God desires you to teach them, and to encourage others, in their trials.

Any other purpose is selfish, as it is for the purposes of yourself and not the purposes of expressing God’s love to others.

Self should not appear in the writings except for the purposes of example, and even then, the example should promote Jesus and His workings, and not what you have done, except by His Power.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you,”   Matthew 6:33.


~ Through Neville Salvetti

HKP logoNeville Salvetti is a deliverance minister and can be contacted via The Web Pages of Neville Salvetti and at: if you desire deliverance or to know how to do it.
Neville have been told to preach three things:
Deliverance   How to Hear The Holy Spirit   How to fight Satan
This is the need of the hour as it demonstrates The Kingdom of God, which is what attracts people to Jesus.

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  1. Your Instructions are wonderful !
    You have got it from Heaven.The books written by you are so nice to read! Thank you very much.
    I have the anointing to write Books for the glory of lord Jesus Christ. I am waiting at His feet.
    Glory to Jesus. Amen.Hallelujah!!!