Chuck D. Pierce: A Key Prophecy!

Chuck D. Pierce: A Key Prophecy!
The Sound that Prevails!
Hear the Sound of the Ancient of Days that Prevails Against the Gates of Hell!


Dear Friends, Warriors, and Kingdom Advancers:

There are certain times when a portal of Heaven opens and revelation flows.  This Sunday was one of those times.  I have captured this flow from Heaven on August 17, 2014, from 10:30 until 11:14 AM (CDT), at Global Spheres Center.  You will want to interact and decree what the Kingdom of Heaven is saying to and over you!

Prophetic word from Chuck Pierce and Team:

“Give a shout!  Invite the fiery angels to come in!  It’s time for a re-building to go on.  My Tabernacle will be rebuilt!  That which is stopping praise from coming forth will be torn down!  The rebuilding of David’s Tabernacle today will cause the praises of My people to explode!  I will then inhabit those praises!  Evaluate your ability to praise!

“Get ready; you are going to sing at the gates of Hell!  The gates of the enemy will shake in every nation.  The nations are in the valley of decision.  Hell will have to back up.  Come alive, and develop My sound today!  The gates of Hell will not withstand the sound that’s coming from Heaven.  Every continent will feel the power of the movement of Heaven!  I will be the sound of the four winds within you.  The winds of Heaven are coming with a mighty force, to set the sound of the continents in order.

“The earth is producing a sound of confusion that the enemy is stirring.  The people of the earth are listening to the sound of confusion and moving with this sound.  But I will blow!  I will blow forth with My breath.  This will activate the sound that I have placed in lands like Africa, Asia, China, North and South America, Australia and New Zealand, Mexico and Central America, and India.

“Panama will become a shofar in My mouth!  The frozen religious power that holds Europe in its grip will begin to thaw!  Russia and the surrounding nations, listen carefully: a distant wind is blowing!  There is a sound arising in the Middle East.  Jerusalem will sound My sound!  Israel will assemble with this sound!  This is the sound of the Ancient of Days.  This sound will set courts of rule in place.  This sound will rule on behalf of My righteous remnant.  This is the sound of the strength of God to bring strength to the weary!

“This is the day of turning the battle at the gate.  The court has been seated and judgment has been rendered in favor of the remnant.  El Gibbor is standing at the gate, to strengthen those who turn the battle.  For the refuge of lies will be swept away where the new cornerstone is going to be laid, and My Kingdom will prevail where those who had taken refuge in works of darkness are uncovered and exposed.

I Am Burning a Fiery Path Before You With the Wind of My Spirit!

“I am forming a fiery trail following you.  The Ancient of Days will blow open a path and then blow a rear-guard behind!  Your cries are becoming a thunder!  Stir up the heavens! Decree that the fire of the enemy will be quenched!  Cry for revelation to fall down from the skies!

“Ask for fullness!  Ask for sustenance!  Ask for multiplication!  Cry for the lands to be revived!  Decree dryness and desolation will break and healing will come!  Ask to walk in the coolness of the day again!  My desire is for the cool of the day to return!  Decree motion in your atmosphere!  Decree all stagnation is going!  Everyone in the earth was knit with a sound!  A sound!  A sound!  A sound!

A tug of war is going on in the Heavens over many.  The enemy is defining the rope.  If you’ll just look and say ‘I’m not playing this game today,’ all of a sudden the enemy will find himself lying on his back.  Let go of the bait the enemy has given you!

There is a Sound that the Tribes of the Nations are Going to Begin Loose.

There is a sound being released – the sound of thunder as in the days when Moses went to the mountain.  I AM calling My people higher.  I AM calling My people higher.  This is an hour that My people ascend the mountain of the Lord.  The tribes are assembling!  The peoples will assemble, for there will be a sound of the Lord on the mountains that will begin to divide.

“Let the sound go up so the division can come down.  Sound up!  Cry up!  Division down!  Sound up!  Sword down!  Division down!  You will see the nations shake!  I’m going back deep in your bloodline and I’m going to call forth that which has never moved in you.  There’s a movement that I must have in the earth now, for the enemy is moving and amassing.  There’s a movement I have put in your blood that I will draw out!

“You’ve heard the raging of the nations, but now the time has come when you’re going to hear the laughter of the Lord.  Because He who sits on His throne hears the nations raging, and laughs!!!

“Don’t miss your spoils from war by being distracted.  There’s always spoils and booty that comes from war!  You are moving in a dimension of war that you’ve not known.

Don’t miss your spoils in the war as you move across the land!  I have booty that you know not of.  Keep your eyes keen and your ears sharp!  Know that the sword of the Lord is coming!  I have disguised My sword to surprise My enemies!  Your feet will be the sound!  You may not have to open your mouth, because your feet will loose light.  Do not miss your spoils in the war.

“I will have a triumphant reserve that is beginning to come together!  My people will stand up.  As your sound goes up and comes down, it will be like a lightning strike, and it will begin to uncover everything that’s been hidden; you will reach back to all the hidden treasures from your bloodline and you will pull them up!

“I have released My breath and I will dry up the seas of darkness.  I will dry this in ways that will protect My people and expose the enemy when he comes in.  I AM releasing My breath and pushing back that which would overtake you.  I will cause you to walk in victory!

The prophetic anointing will now be released in My people in a new way!  When you hear what I am saying and march where I say march, this anointing will pierce the atmosphere on your behalf.  There is a legion of fiery angels surrounding you and you will go with an authority that you have not gone with before.  Fiery feet will walk on continents.  Reach up and grab the atmosphere!  I AM there!  Your prophetic words will change the course of continents.

“Pull up the false tent pegs that the devil has tried to stick into your ground.  There’s a covering that’s over each one of you that is preventing high praise from unlocking a two edged sword of Heaven.  Both edges are needed now in the earth!  False tent pegs that are creating a false boundary and covering that which has stopped your advancement must be removed!  Comfortable stagnation must GO!  Pull up the false tent pegs.  Pull them up and advance!

“Where leviathan, the twisted communicator of pride and exaltation, has lied to you and said that you cannot hear and you cannot praise in this hour, I say that I AM chopping off his seven heads one by one and blinding his watching eye!  You will walk on the back of leviathan and you will make shoes out of the serpent.  You will war from a place of truth and understanding, wisdom and revelation in this hour!  [The next seven months, there will be a war over communication and twisting powers, but My people will prevail, and the evil eye will be defeated!]

“Get to the end of that war you’re in, for through the war you are in is how I will make you triumph as you begin.

“There is a marching in the earth that is not of Me!  Unless My people rise up this hour and align with Me and allow their gifts to explode, they will not be able to stop the cadence of the enemy in this generation!  Understand anti-Christ.  Understand what he looks like and let your alignment come into place with Me this hour.  Get moving with Me!  Quit putting off the movement of My people this hour!  If you don’t make a shift now, you will be marched over in this nation within two years!  Hear the word of the Lord!”

A New Song Breaks An Old CYCLE!

In the midst of war,
We cry holy is our Lord,
The giver of breath and builder of joy.

We cry, “Send Your holy breath on the earth today!”
The ancient ruins will be re-built this day;

We will enter a new day of praise;
The ancient ruins will be re-built today,
We will enter a new day of praise;
The ancient ruins will be re-built this day;

We will enter a new day of praise.
This is a holy shake down;
I’m shaking everything that can be shaken.
This is a holy shake down;
Everything is shaking that can be shaken.

Bones are coming together,
Breath is blowing,
A new bride is arising!
I will grab the corners of the earth and
Shake out the wickedness from the darkness!

I will grab the edges of the earth and shake out the wickedness.
The enemy will trip and stumble and you will advance in his stead!
I will have a Temple of Praise
Rebuilt on every mountain of the earth;
Yes, I will have a Temple of Praise,
Rebuilt on every mountain of the earth.


Note from Chuck D. Pierce:  If there’s an area in your life you can’t praise in, a demon is blocking you!  Decree right now that you will praise in the midst of the mess and rubble around you!  Traditions are shaking!  Demons of doctrines are shaking loose!  The devil will take a demon of doctrine, will take one truth, and cause that truth {which is meant to be built into a full counsel of God} to build a box around you.  Knock down that structure of the narrow letter that kills and decree that boxes of religion, like cardboard, will not prevent a new living structure to form around you.

Declare that any one-dimensional truth will reform and new revelation will adhere and bond to build new faith in you.  We decree right now that the power, manifold wisdom and counsel of God is invading the earth this week!

I want to suggest that you stop and take communion.  The Lord uses this prophetic act to cause us to remember Him. Lord, we remember You.  We remember how You endured religious forces! We honor you for enduring political forces.  You showed us how to endure the unbelief in our territories, because you endured the unbelief of Nazareth!

You endured the desert!  You endured the devil in the wilderness.  You knew how to move better in timing than the enemy, to cause him to move away until a better, more opportune time.  We remember Your body and Your Blood and we ask You to make it active within us!  That’s what makes us win. We war not with the weapons of this world!

May the Spirit of God rest on you and His fire stir in you!  Remember that you can send satan into his own fire.  Quit allowing the enemy to burn up and create a desert around you.  He’ll take everything you’ve got, including your last breath.  Decree right now you have been called to abundance!  The enemy comes to kill, to steal and to destroy, but God’s Son and by His Spirit creates an abundance of life within us.  Father, let us see the fiery path in front of us and let us feel the fire of glory behind us, in Jesus’ name.

Lord, I take the Apostolic Authority You’ve given me and I decree a bloodline around each of you.  I decree the bloodline of the Lord Jesus Christ is being set in place over us and is determining our boundaries for the future.  I decree that that no demonic host can illegally invade that bloodline.  I decree that the enemy is going to be seen and exposed in his workings!  I declare that through the blood of the Lamb we will see the enemy’s strategies.

I decree right now that a new energy and a new spirit of revelation is falling on each of us so we know how to define the gates of Hell, a gate that is in our bloodline, a gate that has tried to come into our cities, a gate at every nation.  We decree now that the gates of Hell will not prevail but they will shake and fall, and Your people will rise up this hour in a new way, in Jesus’ Name.  A new discernment and a new anointing, the anointing breaks the yoke, is coming upon your people!  Now say out loud, ‘The gates of Hell will not prevail against you!’  Rise up in your gifting and align in your membership, stay connected into Heaven and triumph this week in Jesus’ Name!

Prophecy, Words & Decree From: Chuck Pierce, John Dickson, Allen Faubion, Linda Heidler, James Vincent, Acijam Otxoa, Brian Kooiman, Anne Tate, Diane Rousell, Tobias Lyons, Melinda Richardson, Michelle Hadley, LeAnn Squier and Raymond Banks.


Chuck D. Pierce 
Glory of Zion International Ministries

Chuck PierceCharles D. “Chuck” Pierce serves as President of Global Spheres, Inc. (GSI). This is an apostolic, prophetic ministry used to gather and mobilize the worshipping Triumphant Reserve worldwide. GSI facilitates other ministries and participates in regional and national gatherings to develop new Kingdom paradigms. Peter and Doris Wagner complete the leadership team of this new wineskin. Chuck is President of Glory of Zion International Ministries, a ministry that aligns Jew and Gentile and is known for his accurate prophetic gifting which helps nations, cities, churches and individuals understand the times and seasons in which we live.


Chuck D. Pierce: A Key Prophecy! — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Pastor Pierce Bless be your Ministry but I as a panamanian I will like to know what you mean by “Panama will be my shofar in my mouth”,
    I am shock all this years never heard my country the Republic of Panama in world prophesies at least in anglo sason cultures…….
    Could you be so kind and explain this please….

    Alma Luz
    Republic of Panama

    • Dear Alma,
      This Word by Pastor Chuck Pierce was posted by our HKP administration team as unfortunately Pastor Pierce has no links to this website.  As a result, he will be unable to answer your questions.  I could suggest you contact him at his own website, but as the Word is a compilation of the input of many people, I doubt if you will get an answer from him or anyone else.
      That said, let me give you my thoughts on the points you have raised…
      First, as you know, a Shofar is a musical instrument like a trumpet which was designed to get attention and was used in the Temple as well as on the battle field.  I suggest the Lord is about to do something in Panama which will be so amazing that it will awaken the whole world as to what it is, the Lord is doing.  As a result of His actions in Panama, all the world will be called to attention and brought into line, in battle formation, for the times ahead.
      There are, as I recall, 193 nations or states represented in the United Nation Assembly in New York, though there are apparently some 220+ in total in the world.  Of these 200 odd nation-states, very few are mentioned in the Bible, either directly, or indirectly :) The same comes true for prophecies, not because nothing is happening in Panama, but just because it is not widely reported, or because it will not have a direct impact on the world stage.  The same is true for Kenya, Ukraine and Malaysia which we reported on last month.  However, now that we have an HKP prophet contributing from Kenya, for sure I can say that East Africa will come up more on our website from now on.
      If you are really interested in knowing what the Lord is doing in Panama and around your region, then the best way would be to start your own website or Facebook presence (Group or Page) and get His Word out!  I am sure the Lord will support you 100%! :)
      The backgrounds of neither Jill or I are Anglo Saxon, so be assured that culture has nothing to do with either what we are reporting on HKP, or what the Lord is saying to the nations.  That said, we can only report what comes to hand and that which will speak to the broadest audience.  For your information, Panama is #59 in our list of countries regarding visitors numbers, so for us to report more on Panama would be ineffective, particularly as we only can use English :)
      So there you are Alma – a clear opportunity to learn be an effective mouthpiece for the Lord in your own country, and around the world too, and in your own language :)
      I pray that this answers your question and inspires you to get more involved in the prophetic ministry in the Republic of Panama to be the Lord’s voice there to all Christians.
      Blessings in Christ,