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  1. Dear Pastor Pierce Bless be your Ministry but I as a panamanian I will like to know what you mean by “Panama will be my shofar in my mouth”,
    I am shock all this years never heard my country the Republic of Panama in world prophesies at least in anglo sason cultures…….
    Could you be so kind and explain this please….

    Alma Luz
    Republic of Panama

    • Dear Alma,
      This Word by Pastor Chuck Pierce was posted by our HKP administration team as unfortunately Pastor Pierce has no links to this website.  As a result, he will be unable to answer your questions.  I could suggest you contact him at his own website, but as the Word is a compilation of the input of many people, I doubt if you will get an answer from him or anyone else.
      That said, let me give you my thoughts on the points you have raised…
      First, as you know, a Shofar is a musical instrument like a trumpet which was designed to get attention and was used in the Temple as well as on the battle field.  I suggest the Lord is about to do something in Panama which will be so amazing that it will awaken the whole world as to what it is, the Lord is doing.  As a result of His actions in Panama, all the world will be called to attention and brought into line, in battle formation, for the times ahead.
      There are, as I recall, 193 nations or states represented in the United Nation Assembly in New York, though there are apparently some 220+ in total in the world.  Of these 200 odd nation-states, very few are mentioned in the Bible, either directly, or indirectly :) The same comes true for prophecies, not because nothing is happening in Panama, but just because it is not widely reported, or because it will not have a direct impact on the world stage.  The same is true for Kenya, Ukraine and Malaysia which we reported on last month.  However, now that we have an HKP prophet contributing from Kenya, for sure I can say that East Africa will come up more on our website from now on.
      If you are really interested in knowing what the Lord is doing in Panama and around your region, then the best way would be to start your own website or Facebook presence (Group or Page) and get His Word out!  I am sure the Lord will support you 100%! :)
      The backgrounds of neither Jill or I are Anglo Saxon, so be assured that culture has nothing to do with either what we are reporting on HKP, or what the Lord is saying to the nations.  That said, we can only report what comes to hand and that which will speak to the broadest audience.  For your information, Panama is #59 in our list of countries regarding visitors numbers, so for us to report more on Panama would be ineffective, particularly as we only can use English :)
      So there you are Alma – a clear opportunity to learn be an effective mouthpiece for the Lord in your own country, and around the world too, and in your own language :)
      I pray that this answers your question and inspires you to get more involved in the prophetic ministry in the Republic of Panama to be the Lord’s voice there to all Christians.
      Blessings in Christ,

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