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  1. Thank you Lord Jesus for being our great Healer
    The Lord sent me an angel who showed me a scripture I had never paid attention to before: Ezekiel 3:22-27. In that way, I was put in a cocoon and I am completely confident and nothing will hurt me. The cocoon seems to be permanent and is transparent. I just have to wait in peace for Him to tell me what to tell and when.
    We need to put God in center of all our attentions, not what the enemy may be doing in other’s lives. I have only One Mediator and He is Jesus. It is up to you to believe one’s testimony or not. I know that those who mock and question others are those who were mocked themselves and we do have only one, Who can heal those wounds completely. That is my personal testimony. Praise the Lord, unite yourselves and pray for each other. Groups who need our prayers are Christians who are under severe persecution, in the open or in secret. Their persecutors would normally be those who do not know Christ, but there are also Christians who are chasing other Christians, their own brothers and sisters, these persecutors are often idolized and have lots to lose when their audience find out, so they do all to cover up their deeds. You can never cover up sin for God especially against His people, as everything is open to Him, and remember that we are all of same value to God. We need to pray most of the time. Praise the Lord and always give Him credit for His work, because He is working all the time.
    We are praying for our dear sister in the Lord who is sick and the other one among us here in HKP. Please pray with us that Jesus will comfort the anxious children as well. Pray for our families and be thankful that the Lord is giving healing. God bless you all and thank you. Lucia Ludvigsen

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