Come out of your grave!


This morning in prayer, I could hear God saying that He is going to bring many of us out of our graves!  The grave is a place of darkness, despair and or a place of grief.

I see restoration (what the enemy has stolen from you), and resurrection (life, revival/ wells of water) coming!

You see, the children of Israel were desperate for water after being led by Moses from the Red Sea from Pharaoh’s army.  They had had the victory over Pharaoh, but they had came to another bridge (life’s passage and journey, a cross road, Christ, destiny, and or link) in their life’s destiny that would be a hurdle.

Miriam begin to rejoice and to sing with the tambourine, how that God had delivered them.  Her boast was loud.  She begin to sing: the horse of Pharaoh went in with his chariots and with his horsemen into the sea, and the LORD brought again the waters of the sea upon them; but the children of Israel went on dry land in the midst of the sea.

Isn’t that just like many of us?  We can boast of how great God is, until another trial and or test comes to try us, and then we are right back at the hands and the mercy of God for His deliverance all over again.

But, don’t be discouraged!  The LORD wants you to know that it is not by might, neither by power, but by His spirit that He wants you to depend upon Him, when your Red Sea comes, (Zechariah 4:6).

Miriam began to say to the people of God saying, “Sing ye to the LORD, for He hath triumphed gloriously; the horse and his rider hath he thrown into the sea,”  (Exodus 15: 21).

Come on somebody, if you are feeling overwhelmed after a hard journey and it seems as though the enemy has brought the gates of hell against you, it is no time to start feeling sorry for yourself.

But, I hear the Holy Spirit saying to begin to praise and to worship him!  The devil cannot stand the praise and the worship of the people of God rejoicing; for it brings destruction to his ears and his plans to over throw the people of God!

Lift Him up and lift Him high, for all that he has done for you this morning.

Moses brought Israel from the Red Sea, and they went out into the wilderness of Shur; (come on somebody, from the Red Sea to the wilderness this would seem to be discouraging to the natural eyes, but we as the people of God, walk by faith and not by sight!  It might look oh so bad, but remember God is your provider!) and they went three days in the wilderness, and found no water.

I’m sure the enemy was talking and whispering to them to give up!  God has brought you out here in the wilderness to leave you and you are all by yourself?

Come on people of God, the reason God brings us out of one victory is so that we will know that if God brought us out once, He can do it all over again.

God does not want His people to grumble and to complain about the trials and the test that the enemy is putting upon His people, because if He brought you out once, then He wants you to know that the same God who did it once, he can do it again!

“And when they came to Marah, they could not drink of the waters of Marah, for they were bitter: therefore the name of it was called Marah.  And the people murmured against Moses, saying, what shall we drink?”

The Holy Spirit is warning the people of God not to murmur, and not to complain about what you are going through, because murmuring will only keep us in the wilderness longer.  But, instead we need to cry out to God.  For, the LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged,”   (Deuteronomy 31:8 NIV)

And he cried unto the LORD; and the LORD shewed him a tree, (God made provision, he made a way out of no way) which when he had cast into the waters,

(I hear the Holy spirit saying that sometimes we need to cast somethings into the water!  Somethings that are troubling your heart that you have been wrestling with for a very long time.  You need to give it over to the LORD.  That opposition that is coming against you.)

the waters were made sweet: there he made for them a statute and an ordinance, and there he proved them,

(the LORD is speaking today and He is saying that you need to tell yourself this morning that it is only a test and God is proving you to see just how much you really and sincerely do love him this morning!)

For, I hear the LORD saying that hH (catch this people the word: if, and I did say if!) if thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the LORD thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, (here stands the consequences of your obedience) I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I AM the LORD that healeth thee.  Help us holy ghost there are benefits to obeying the LORD, God Jehovah Nissi; (he will fight for you our banner) our Jehovah Jireh! (Our Provider).

And the people of Israel came to Elim, where were twelve wells of water, (my God there was more than enough) and threescore and ten palm trees: (not only did he give them water but palm trees to rest and to lay down their weary souls to take a rest!) and they encamped there by the waters, (Exodus 15:21-27).

If God can’t do it; it can’t be done!  Ain’t God good and who wouldn’t serve a God like this?


~ Apostle Geraldine Fisher

Prophetess Geraldine FisherApostle Geraldine Fisher has a World-Wide-Social Media Net-Work Ministry. Saved for over 30-years, as a Missionary, God moved her into the Office of a Prophet and continues to revealed to her the qualities of a True prophet: humility, humiliation, love others and intercede in prayer as she keeps her own life clean to accurately hear from God. God revealed True prophets draw believers to Christ; NOT wanting or seeking self praise, as the work is about God, not SELF. Since hearing the audible voice of God calling her into prophetic ministry, she has been on this journey, called to intercede and to pray on behalf of others in the ministry as God speaks to her, instructing, directing and dropping a prophetic word for her, to give to others. To prepare her for her prophetic call, God promised He would bringing her to sit and to learn before great men, all of which He did!

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Come out of your grave! — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Jesuse! Be blessed Apostel Geraldine, this a great word and a conformation for me.

  2. Amen, Awesome Father God, I receive your words this day. I love you eevermore. Yes this is just a test, what I’m going through for it shall surly pass. I will get through this, for my set time of Favor, promotion is at the door. I rejoice it you always. Thank you for sharing his words. Glory to God !