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Coming Mission Trip to Kenya — 2 Comments

  1. Once I was -without knowing it- sent to a specific country during a sepcific time period. Before this I have had during a long period several revelations which were deeply connected to the Word and to this country and I prayed for some years to the Lord and asked Him if it not, now with all this revelation knowledge I had received, also were the meaning that I should go to that specific country during that specific time period.
    But I had no money and my faith in the Lord means that I will never put aside or beg for money because if it is His Will that I shall do something then He will surely provide it.

    The time went forth and I told no one about my prayers or my wish to visit the country. One day I felt a heavy impression to call my bank and check my bank account although I knew it was almost empty.
    To my surprise I had almost 25000SKR (ca 3000USD) at the account. And no one had put it there it was just a fact and I had to ask the bank staff several times if it was ‘true’ and they said that everything was in order.

    Some weeks later I traveled to the country and lived at a four star hotel for two weeks. During that time I joined a Christian group who also were visiting the place and I were persecuted by some of them which made me sometimes wonder if I had done the wrong thing to travel here.
    The first time I began to doubt if my choice to travel here was right I said to myself that maybe I was stupid – who payed all this money for this trip.  :-)

    Then I heard the Spirit of the Lord say: “It is not you who had payed it”
    He is amazing!

    From that time on I stopped giving money to those who says they are sent by the Lord because by experience(s) I now know that if He sends someone then He will also equip that person without any need of asking for help.

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