Coming Up To The Mark


He said this morning,

“Beware, yes beware of false prophets, of ones that do not belong to Me.

They will tear you to pieces if you get into it.  Be on guard, a roaring lion they are.

They hurt the soul, your spirit belongs to Me.  Wounds without a cause, many are going away from Me as I speak because they lack understanding.

Hold fast to Me, and change not.  You know who you are who are contentious.  Stop it!  Stop it!  The time is up.  I will not abide in it.

You must cling to Me if you are ever to leave the mess.  I AM good, and we must love others, even our enemies.  No time for the clanging cymbals.  You are running in circles because you have lost your focus.

Turn to Me.  Turn to Me now and I and I will release you from the bonds of the enemy.  He is too great for you when you have turned away from Me.  Delusion, all delusion lies and the like. You should have none of it, you are Mine.

Turn now, for you are losing ground.  My love conquers all.  You must trust Me wholeheartedly and make no room for the enemy.  It is a sad thing to see you go away from Me.

Turn back now and live.”



God Bless You, you are in my prayers
~ Celeste Dewey

Celeste DeweyCeleste Dewey



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