Prayers to Command our Day

Original source: “Prayers that Rout Demons” by Apostle John Eckhardt:

Prayers to Command the Morning, the Day, and the Night:-

I command the morning to take hold of the ends of the earth and shake the wicked out of it (Job 38:12).

I will have dominion over the devil in the morning (Psalm 49:14).

Lord, make the outgoings of the morning to rejoice (Psalm 65:8).

I receive Your lovingkindness every morning (Psalm 143:8).

Release the beauty of Your holiness from the womb of the morning (Psalm 110:3).

Let Your light break forth in my life as the morning (Psalm 58:8).

Let Your judgements come upon the enemy morning by morning (Isaiah 28:19).

Lord, Your going forth is prepared as the morning, and we pray that You will come as the rain, the latter and former rain upon the earth (Hosea 6:3).

Lord, You visit me every morning (Job 7:18).

Lord, You awaken me morning by morning. You waken my ear to hear as the learned (Isaiah 50:4).

I will not be afraid of the arrow that fl ies by day or the terror that comes at night (Psalm 91:5).

Lord, show forth Your salvation in my life from day to day (Psalm 96:2).

I bind the screech owl in the name of Jesus (Isaiah 34:14).

I bind any attack upon my life at night.  I take authority over every demon that is released against me and my family at night.  Let the evening tide trouble the enemies that would attack my life in the name of Jesus (Isaiah 17:12–14).

I bind and rebuke every spirit that would creep against me at night (Psalm 104:20).

I bind and rebuke the pestilence that walks in darkness (Psalm 91:6).

I will rest at night because the Lord gives me sleep.  Let Your angels guard and protect me at night.  Lord, give me deliverance in the night season (Acts 12:6–7).

Lord, let my reins instruct me in the night season (Psalm 16:7).

Your song shall be with me in the night (Psalm 42:8).

I will meditate upon You in the night watches (Psalm 63:6).

I receive Your knowledge in the night (Psalm 19:2).

I receive Your faithfulness every night (Psalm 92:2).

I bind and rebuke every vampire spirit in the name of Jesus (Leviticus 11:19).

I bind and rebuke all incubus and succubus spirits that would attack at night in the name of Jesus.  I bind and take authority over all nightmares and demonic dreams at night in the name of Jesus.  I am set in my ward whole nights (Isaiah 21:8).

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Prayers to Command our Day — 5 Comments

  1. I would like to learn more about commanding the morning I believe in Jesus Christ the father the son and the holy ghost

    • Dear Velda,
      Commanding the Morning, is all about prayer at the right time to take spiritual control from the enemy and for the benefit of God’s people.
      I suggest you read The Watches of the Lord which explains more about the Lord’s Watches and their importance in spiritual warfare.
      Hope this helps with your search for understanding.
      Blessings, Angus

  2. I command the morning every morning, I command the morning sometimes @ 12:01 am before I go to sleep.
    I take all the enemies attacks as a badge honour and when you start to Command the Morning, you are opening up the door for more attacks from the devil.  The closer you get to God the more the devil will attack you and that’s when you have to fight him with the most powerful weapons you have, and that is, Prayer.
    Praying Command the Morning prayers, stops Satan’s angles, kills the demons arrows and evil spirits headed towards you and others right where they start, or in mid air, when they come from the second heavens.
    Once you open the door for spiritual warfare, you won’t be able to stop.  You will have to fight it the rest of your life, so read a little about it first! 
    It’s beautiful, because the Lord always wins, but the devil does get in your way and sometimes it’s a pretty rough battle, so you have to be willing to go all the way before you start; because when you use these prayers – which are some of the most powerful ever – you have to go all the way the rest of your life defending yourself and others around you, whom you opened up more to the devils angles in battle.
    It sounds scary, but it’s not.  Talk to someone, Pastor, etc., and ask about spiritual warfare before you start, because once you start the war never stops.
    God bless you.

    • Dear Scott,
      Well said.  Unless the Holy Spirit tells you to go and fight, it is better not to do so.
      Spiritual Warfare is not for Lone Rangers or the untrained.  Anoyone who is not on their knees in prayer, doing everything in the Spirit, will soon be brought down.
      Blessings in Christ,

      • Thats the second time in a week I was told I could be taken down and I know what that means. I was amazed at the level that I started the battle @ and yes I only do what the Lord leads my to do but please feel free to share wisdom with me any time.