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  1. I want to say thank you Mark Taylor for your courage and faithfulness. Saw the movie last night with friends,walked away feeling renewed call to prayer. But today I find a new podcast in utube(not sure when recorded) with Eric Walker, when you mentioned Lyme disease and thyroid I about fell to the floor. There are so many Christians that are suffering with Lyme and co-infections and desperately need encouragement. Along with your primary message please continue to mention your battle with Lyme, you have no idea how just the acknowledgement of the struggle will serve as encouragement to so many of us feeling bewildered, abandoned and disconnected from God.  He reminded me today listening to your podcast He is still there.  I have been fighting it alone for nearly 15yrs.

    • Wow really I am guessing that it was more than just our overwhelming insight and our love for someone Greater than us. We love Our Lord Jesus Christ and I feel sorry for those who don’t or would rather be forever in sin.

    • “Organized religion”. 
      ALL religion is organized. The New Testament church was organized rather quickly.  Pastes, bishops, deacons, offerings, etc.  When people say they hate organized religion I shake my head.  What are they saying.  We are told to gather together and worship, and support one another, and we will be known by our love one to another.  So if you hate gathering together with other believers I’ll say you’re the problem.

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