Confirmation That God Is in Charge of Brexit!


A powerful confirmation of how God is speaking and moving concerning Brexit.

Exactly a month ago today, so the 11th of December we saw British Prime Minister Theresa May become momentarily locked in the back of a car on her visit to Germany to have talks with Angela Merkel.

(See Word released on HKP: “UK BREXIT: Fear Not!  God Is in Control!” and new article below.)

When I saw this take place, The Spirit of God immediately spoke clearly to me about her, PM Theresa May, being “locked in place for a little longer.”

I received the word on the 11th of December and then breaking news came that she would face a “no confidence vote“.

The Spirit of God spoke very clearly to me through a powerful vision where I was shown the Finger of God moving strategically across the nation like a great chess master.

I saw The Spirit of God moving slowly and methodically over the nation.  Every move He made was perfectly timed.

I mentioned that at the right time we would hear The Spirit of God call “check mate!!” (see Word attached, please take note of the dates on the news clips.)

This evening, a friend of mine sent me this news headline, which was posted just a few hours ago, the 11th of January….

So exactly one month ago today, God released the Word and Vision concerning Brexit…!

We give God all the glory for confirming His Word and His Ways in these days.

news image

Link to the original © Telegraph article here.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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