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Contending for Healing — 5 Comments

  1. Over the past 2.5 years I have absolutely clung to Laura’s prayers via her site and books. They carried me at times when I was paralyzed by fear and my own words were frozen. Her words and scripture helped me flow in the HS. I am forever indebted to you Laura!

  2. Thank you Laura for this timely word. I’ve been exhausted a Lot lately for no reason. Maybe it’s because I’ve had to stand against occult spirits for almost three years. My neighbors have cast spells against me & my family at least 3 times. For now I’m praying in tongues 1 hour every day hoping for a directive. We don’t know what to do & don’t want to step ahead of God. BTW I wrote down the prayer from your last post & prayed believing. Thank you.

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