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  1. yes there is much much deception out there.by the Great Deceiver and Father of Lies satan….Please everyone search the scriptures for your selves do not believe everything ..but prove everything by the word of God for yourselves and by the Holy Spirit….the gifts of the Spirit has been whipped out of most churches…one of them is discernment of spirits in order to be able to tell what is God speaking and what is not God….satan knows the scriptures he has been around a long time and can and does twist Gods words..so study and ask the Spirit his interpretation and understanding….this the time of the Great Deception and falling away

  2. Lord, I acknowledge am a sinner & plead for Mercy through the precious blood of Jesus Christ. Father, i desperately seek you & long to hear you speak to me.
    Many people around me think I am FOOLISH for still holding on to God for these several years over some issues. I believe HE will have compassion on my Childish faith one day & grant my requests.
    Father, I ask for more Grace to hold on to your promises without giving up in Jesus Christ name! Lord, do same for all others who are going through challenges but still believing you.
    Please Pastor Kelley, always remember me & my family in your prayers. Thank you Dear woman of God.

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